Last Day of the Contest!

Holiday GIFTAPALOOZA sign ups are still open!  Sign up here.  

Looking for yarn?  LOTS available here.  And if you see a colour you like, but not in your favourite base?  Just ask.

Today is the last day of our contest.

And up to this point, no one has the answer completely right!

Let me give you a little help. You need 3 pieces of information in your answer:

  1. Yarn base
  2. Colour name
  3. Number of skeins given to Anna to design with
Here’s the photo.

You have until 11:59 pm Eastern today (Wednesday November 16) to answer. And I’m giving you all a clean slate, so if you gave an answer on the previous contest post, I consider it invisible now!

If no one gets the answer right, anyone who got 2 out of 3 right will be entered in the draw. (Apparently I, like my mother the teacher, give hard tests!  Who knew?)

Details from the last contest post:

Tell us which of these pieces is knit with Indigodragonfly yarn, and name the yarn base(s), the colourway(s) and guess how many skeins I gave Anna  to design with. Leave a comment on this post. All correct answers will be eligible to win!  (And hey, why not tell us which of Anna’s shawls is your favourite and which Cooperative Press book NEEDS to be in your library)

The Prizes!

  • Cooperative Press will send the winner an electronic copy of Anna’s book Shaping Shawls (which is stunningly beautiful…I’ve tried to steal seen the shawls in person…you want to knit these!)
  • Anna Dalvi will send the winner a subscription to her Huldran Mystery KAL (I do believe this will become my knitting for my newfound Grimm/Once Upon a Time obsession…)
  • And yes, there is yarn.  A regular sized (around 100-115 g) skein of your choice. Might I suggest a little something to go along with item A or B?
Contest closes Wednesday November 16 at 11:59 pm

28 thoughts on “Last Day of the Contest!

  1. Okay! I’m going with 2 skeins of What the Hay in my beloved Merino Cashmere. I seem to have a small collection of this yarn and have plans to knit Anna’s Skuld pattern with a skein of it and use the rest to knit some shawls from Shaping Shawls.

  2. OK, let’s try again… a variation on my first guess.

    Is the Money OK? Merino silk 4-ply sock, two skeins.
    What the Hay. MCN sock, two skeins.

  3. I’m going to be a total pain and guess all of the colours. Cause you know, I might randomly get the right answer. Yeah,

    I think the yellow is What the Hay, in Merino Silk Sock, and I think you gave her 3 skeins to knit with but she only used 2.

    The turquoise is Anya/Is the Money Okay? in MCN Lace, and you probably gave her 2 skeins.

    The brown is Captain Tightpants in merino/silk/bamboo sock and you gave her 4 skeins.

    And to be a total pain in the arse: the white is Have Fun Storming the Castle in the 100% silk lace that you have on the flickr account, and you gave her 2 skeins.

  4. I am such a goof… I kept going to this page, but never got past the ” LOTS available here.”
    …so just finally realized there was a contest !!!

    and here I thought it was all about the yarn… so, this is my first looksy… and my first attempt…
    well, the post I just did, I mean… see, a goof 😀

  5. Oh… more than one shawl ? (try again)
    1- MCN Lace – merino/cashmere/nylon blend
    2- What The Hay?!, and Spinach Armada
    3- Four total

  6. how about:
    What the Hay in MCN sock, 2 skeins
    Merino Silk 4 ply Sock, Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?, 2 skeins

  7. and i think it is the center “golden” shawl, and i love the one i cannot pronounce… Eyjafjallajökull Shawl. 🙂
    co-op books. which do i need? i have not found one yet that i do not like! all of them

  8. I think they all are by you (its worth a shot)
    The white is:
    Merino Silk Lace, Have Fun Storming the Castle, 1 skein

    The yellow is:
    MCN lace, What the Hay, 2 skeins

    The green is
    Merino Silk 4 ply sock, One Turtle Short of a Pond, 3 skeins

    The brownish is
    DK Polwarth Silk, Captain Tight Pants, 1 skein

  9. Adding numbers to my initial guess (missed that part first time…)
    I’m thinking “Dawn’s in Trouble, It must be Tuesday” in MCN Lace and ”Is the Money OK” in Merino Silk Lace
    2 skeins of each

  10. So, a tweak of my first answer. Sticking with What the Hay, sticking with MCN Lace, upping the ante to 3 skeins cuz that Anna do like her some beeeg shawls.

    You may commence the victory dance maintenant.

  11. OK, had to go to leave my ipad (and my bed) and go to my computer to post this comment! (Now I remember why I didn’t enter the contest earlier!!)
    Oooh Shiney, in MCN lace, 5 skeins

    I’m totally guessing here – can you tell??

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