Reunion Cowl of Yum; or Gauge, a Cautionary Tale

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Remember this post from last winter? Scroll down. No, farther down…to the blue Reunion Cowl (pattern: Natalie Selles)

Now, I love that Cowl, but really it was more of a residence than a garment. It is HUGE! Cozy. Warm. But HUGE!

This summer I set out to knit one that was the correct size.

And got this:

Reunion Cowl

Reunion Cowl

And look! It doesn’t touch my knees when I unwrap it!

Reunion Cowl

Exactly how much bigger was the blue one? This much bigger:
Reunion Cowls

Reunion Cowls

Both used the same yarn, Merino Cashmere…and interestingly enough, both used almost the same amount: 2.5 skeins.  The red one is definitely denser and more solid.

(by the way, this yarn is OMG SO SOFT! and warm and cozy…)

So what made the difference? Gauge. With the blue one, my gauge was off by 1/4 of a stitch. ONE QUARTER of a freaking stitch. (times several hundred stitches…well, clearly it makes a difference)

Moral? Knit a fucking gauge swatch.


6 thoughts on “Reunion Cowl of Yum; or Gauge, a Cautionary Tale

  1. That’s amazing! I knew that gauge would make a big difference in the final product, but I never would have guessed that both cowls used the exact same amount of yarn. It’s good to know that a looser gauge can help make a yarn “go” further.

    Fascinating investigation, Kim, thanks!

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