And While We’re on the Subject…

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Doing it.

It coincides perfectly with our little Sweater KAL, after all.

You saw me swatch this yarn. So you all KNOW the swatching happened in September. And it is now…November. And I’m just knitting the sweater now.

So why did it take so long?

I knew I wanted to do this right. This time, I’m working with Amy Herzog’s Fit to Flatter series. I’ve never worked with waist shaping that didn’t occur at the side seams of a sweater, or horizontal bust darts. How will this change the fit?

The sweater I’m knitting is the Cooke Cardigan (Amy’s pattern in the fall issue of Knitscene), in the colourway The Pursuit Of Meh. I spent quite a bit of time with my measurements and the pattern to determine the right fit. I also really love the shaping in Amy’s version (Rav project page), which required a little more brain bending. Not difficult, mind you, but I’m a visual person and I often learn by doing, so I was having trouble picturing how this was all going to work.

Well, I’ve started:


I’ve finished the back, with all back shaping, shifting the “waist” up to the narrowest part of my torso.

And I’m well on my way through the right front.

Modifications so far:
1) Knitting the size that best fits my upper torso, with plans for bust darts
2) Modifying the bottom half of the sweater, so that the hem fits my hips. This requires extra decreases to the waist
3) Moving the “waist” up 3 inches to correspond with the narrowest part of my torso
4) Widening the fronts by 1″ for better coverage
5) Horizontal bust darts
6) Plans to decrease all extra stitches (from extension of width and bust darts) into the neckline

WHEW! Sounds like a lot, but now that I have it all mapped out, it’s really just fine. Again, as it’s the first time with this type of waist/bust shaping, I did have 3 runs at this shaping on the right front, but have now worked out the best way to do this and am very happy with the results.


Other (obvious) discovery? Worsted weight sweaters? SO. MUCH. FASTER!


2 thoughts on “And While We’re on the Subject…

  1. I love worsted weight for knitting – fast but wearable! What colour are you using…is pretty! Also, how do you work with the hand dyed yarn alternating skeins as you go? I had to unravel an entire cardi the other day because of where the armholes landed (partly my bad on the swatch front but mostly the design of the sweater and lack of images showing what was going on: yoke + drop shoulder = shudder) and it was a bit of a bear to 1) pick up my button bands nicely on the alternating skeins side with the short carries and 2) unwind it all without going spare or destroying the yarn.

  2. Wow, I have that issue of the magazine but I hadn’t given that sweater enough consideration. I love Amy’s version of it and I’m loving how yours looks too. I’m definitely faving that one now. Thanks.

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