Especially For You; or, I Know That Toblerone Bar Came From Swiss Chalet!!

One of the fun things about the holiday season is the Gift of Gifts. Giving Gifts. Gettin’ Gifts. That whole Givin’ & Gettin’ thing. The expression of kinship. Solidarity in Community. The ol’ Pat on the Back an’ Here’s to a New Year.

Indigodragonfly likes people. Indigodragonfly likes to help people like other people. Yep, there’s a whole lotta liking goin’ on!

One day not too long ago, the Indigodragonfliers were sitting around the campfire, thinking: Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring our people together during the holiday season? (Please Note: for the record, let it be shown that Otis was half-asleep at the time, dreaming of Slow Encounters Of The Snacks Kind)

Unfortunately, to bring several hundred people together physically would mean several hundred plane tickets which is not exactly financially feasible, so we thought instead it would totally rock if we scaled it down a tad and made it possible for you all to reach out to someone individually and share the Magic of the Holidays (Please Note: NOT trademarked by The Disney Corp. Yet.) with that special e-someone. (And to ensure that there’s at least one thing in your gift pile that you’ll actually like)

So, Especially For You (and You, and You, and You), we proudly announce with glitter, fanfare, flaming batons and tinselly goodness, the 2011 Holiday Secret Giftapalooza!!

Here’s how it works:

1) Throw your Name into the e-Hat by choosing One of the 3 Gift levels you wish to Send and clicking on one of the pretty buttons below. This means that someone will get this Gift courtesy of You, and that someone else will be sending you a gift of equal value in their name.
Deadline: December 1 for US/International/Outside Ontario packages; December 10 for Ontario packages

2) Paypal does its thing and you click Return to Indigodragonfly Designs when it’s done.  Trust us.  You don’t want to miss that step.

3) We mail it in time to reach you by your chosen holiday celebration.

4) Sit by the mail box in eager anticipation. (Please Note: Be eager, but not too eager. Do not scare your Postal Employee, and um, you may want to wait until AFTER we mail packages in early December. Nobody likes a post-Hallowe’en ankle-grabber.)

Simple, huh?

Level 1 Gift:

  • one skein of a new, never-before used yarn base in a new, never-before dyed and non-repeatable colourway special to the Giftapalooza (only 7 skeins available in each colourway). And yes, there will be options for those of you with fibre allergies
  • a special pattern for the yarn designed especially for you by the most adorable of designers
  • a special Indigodragonfly thank-you
  • one Mystery Goodie!
  • $36 + shipping & applicable taxes*

Level 2 Gift:

  • all of the above, with a total of two Mystery Goodies
  • $43 + shipping & applicable taxes*
Level 3 Gift
  • Everything above, but with a total of four Mystery Goodies!
  • $50 + shipping & applicable taxes

(Please Note: We’d tell you what the Mystery Goodies were, but hey, they’re Mystery Goodies so that would kinda defeat the purpose…)

*Shipping costs for all three levels:

Ontario and US:  $8.50
Rest of Canada: $13
International: $15
Canadian customers: the GST/HST rate for your province will be charged at checkout. 

The bottom line is, that it’s nice to do something nice for others, even if it’s someone we’ve never met. And that’s what the meaning of the holidays should be.

Happy Holidays! (Please Note: We mean it. Happy Holidays!)


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