At Least I Left Out The Mushy Stuff

Today is Ron’s (the Boy’s) birthday. He would really prefer I didn’t tell you, but I’m sorry, I strongly believe that there is nothing more important than celebrating the day someone unique, special and dear to you was born.

Everything about Ron is a sweet surprise. He came into my life in an unexpected way, and has kept me on my toes ever since. Those of you who have met him know he’s a quiet man. Really he’s just saving it up to catch you off guard with that one phrase that makes you spit water across the room. (even better are the times when he starts to snicker at just the thought of what he’s about to say)

I can truly say I’ve never met a funnier, smarter or kinder person. All qualities that are the reason we’re able to live AND work together. And patient! A quality that’s life saving when you live with me. On our second not-date I casually led him into a yarn store and he wandered around with me for an hour with no signs of losing his mind with boredom. Seriously patient!

Without Ron you would all be stuck with non-memorable colour names. Really, that part is all his fault. Well, except the geeky ones. Though he looked at me strangely when the first Buffy yarn came out, he now insists that watching Buffy is “research”.

One thing you may not know about Ron is that he dyes many of our colours. And he’s really really good. He makes me love colours I think I hate.

He takes my good ideas and makes them better. I say “Vampire Ballerina”, he says “Tiny Bloodsucking Dancer”. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life and in yarny goodness.

Happy Birthday Ron!


16 thoughts on “At Least I Left Out The Mushy Stuff

  1. Happy birthday, Ron! Thanks especially for Sesame Street Walker, but also for lots of other great colourways, and equally great names!

  2. That;s one other thing we have in common: both our boys were born on the same date. Maybe not the same year, but today my Bernie is 42. Happy birthday, Ron! Thank you for creating beautiful colours and unique, funny names for them.

  3. You forgot to mention his impeccable yarn caking skills (although best draw a veil over his choice of attire…)

    Happy birthday Ron

  4. Happy Birthday Ron. Hoping that you and Kim are having a day full of fun together! You are a large part of what makes Indigodragonfly so special.

  5. Happy birthday, Ron! Thanks for keeping Kim (in)sane, and everything you do to make the lurvely lurvely yarns keep coming to us knitters.

  6. Awwww, how sweet! I’m sure this post will cause many a woman envy over the yarn store patience, as if his working part in the pretty yarns you supply doesn’t madden them enough! Hope it’s a lovely day and has nine flavours of cake!

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