The Poetry Of Yarn

As some of you out there in the internets may know, I (Ron, not Otis) have been involved one way or another most of my life in the Media. Newspaper reporter, Radio host, Television show creator, Photographer, anything to keep the brain wet.

A few years ago, I had a collection of poems published entitled The Beautiful Darkness. A nice volume of early works, I was looking through it yesterday when it occurred to me that hey, maybe I could somehow visualize and adapt some of the poems into some interesting colourways. Words are visual, so why not go one step further?

So, here are the results; I hope you like them and/or can see the interpretation at work. Enjoy!


Email orders AT to place all orders.  Let us know: 1)  what you would like to purchase, 2) where you live (state/province/country), and 3) whether you would like us to wind your yarn into cakes (charge of $1 per skein with proceeds going to our Otis Houndation).  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario).  For further information, see the bottom of this post. If you are ordering from the United States, please specify whether you’d prefer Air or Surface delivery!


Merino Sock: 100% Superwash Merino 2 ply sock yarn – 390 yds/100g skein – $24

(Please Note: All Skeins are in the Merino Sock base)

The Children Are Transparent


The children are transparent –

they are transparent, and their

minds are turning

their minds are bending and their

gears are morning silent

the games they play are silent,

and quickly burning.

The trees are bending from the weight

of the children

the children climb and swing in

the burning afternoon breeze

the breeze turns in unison with the

gears of the children

the mechanics of this afternoon are burnt

and childish and green.

The day will grow dark and

the children will play

the children will play and go hungry

in the voracious dark

the dark does not bend to breeze

or gear or silence

the children are transparent –

they are transparent and silent

and hungry

bending into the burning dark.

The Children Are Transparent

3 Skeins Available


The Chase


and this is the monster

swift brown monster

browns and greens

grunting growling

super deluxe monster

superstitious and sprinting

swift at the sight of the mob the

townsfolk torches and i

rest among the stones the

green stones and the monster munches away

enjoying your fine green eyes

your eye coins are copper-green and fine so

fine for your broken-down ferry ride

down the broken waters the copper cliffs

echoing in the exhaustion of the many

the ones who never bothered to swim and

i swim in your half-eaten eyes

a half-stroke ahead of the mobbing green tide

green growling waves of bloated cemetery flotsam

and my feet super with bothered strokes

break through your stones

sputter brown soiled words and echo

a fine monstrous grunt

and i am brown

and i am green

i hide in your eyes

and the mob has grown bloated

as old as the cliffs

and will never catch us

no matter how many of these townsfolk

are swift clichés

The Chase

3 Skeins Available


Elegy – Cookstown Jail, 1977


On these mildewed ribs, revealing


My skeleton came apart, as

the ground tasty with their

hard fallen ancestry,

loose in breath, these shards are

blasted yet not diminished and

this to please the resident authors

I huddle amongst the failing walls

kneeling, bracing word   secret   dust

awash in the bony cycle,

and the bulldozer sneezed rust

purred with


but did not


Elegy - Cookstown Jail, 1977

3 Skeins Available


Ten (Cathedral)

For you –

For you,

I’ll write


tiny perfect poems

with my eyelashes

on the harbour of your neck,

the silent small of your back,

each brush stroke

being brilliant,     calligraphy,

and the language –


Ten (Cathedral)

2 Skeins Available


Five Cents A Loaf


The rain today is dirty, unwelcome –

the gutter swells with escaped tumbling grapes

gangs of lost green children

searching for adventure

The damp disagreement

jumps up, piranhas the tardy ankles

of luckless sidewalked sailors;

the soils below hear the flood

but have forgotten how to swim

An old women with a worn-round face

picks slowly through the captive fruits

staring out the melting storefront –

Wishing Well soda pop and Volare

at her pastrami fingers

Rosenblatt the fishmonger – heads and quarters

the King of Baldwin Street

the smells of suitcase nations

displacement and redemption

five cents a loaf, four on Saturdays

rose petals and hot looks from Sal

long-distance second-floor window gossips

laundry lines sagging over dusty laneways

pink cashmere tease and Sinatra-sharp fedoras

a handshake and kindness from Rabbi Shulman

one egg cream two straws

the secret lives of butchers…

The rain has stopped

and she has inspected this orange before,

it is twenty minutes till close

and this is how it will always be,

and will never be


Five Cents A Loaf

3 Skeins Available


To purchase any of the above yarn, please send me an email at orders AT (replace AT with “@”, no spaces) indicating which colours(s) you would like, where you live and whether you want it shipped surface or air mail. First email request for each yarn/fibre secures it. I will send you a paypal invoice for the full amount plus shipping and ship the packages off within 3-5 days. Shipping charges to the US will start at $5.85 for surface mail and $7.46 for air mail. Canada Post doesn’t make shipping charges for Canadian or International packages easy, so I will send you a shipping quote for your order for your approval. Best attempts are made to photograph colours accurately, however colours do differ from monitor to monitor (I’ve checked). I’ve also described the colours…and hope that helps. Custom orders (including dyeing or overdyeing your own fibre or yarn) are always welcomed! Just email me with what you have in mind.


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