August Club Package

Sign-ups for the next wave of Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club shipments (December, February and April) are now open! More information and sign-up links are here.

On the day we’re sending out the October Club package, here’s a post about August!

I’m just going to let these speak for themselves with relatively little sarcastic commentary.  I know you’ve come to expect that behaviour.

The Yarn:  MCN Sock in Just Like Mom Used to Kill


The Pattern:  Charee by Jaya Purswani

Copyright 2011: Jaya Purswani

So it turns out that Charee is Hindi for crazy.

In Jaya’s words:

Family is great, except that they always manage to drive you “charee” (Hindi for crazy)

These socks are guaranteed to help you maintain a semblance of your sanity – some twisted stitches to destract and give you a reason to stay silent; and ribbing to let you join in on the conversation.

copyright 2011: Jaya Purswani

The Artisan: Buttons by Erin Lynch


Erin, a local jewellery artist, came to me with an idea for funky little buttons to dress up your fun knits. Yes, I know, socks don’t have buttons (well, these ones don’t…), but we like them anyway, so here you go!

Erin’s also started a blog: Let’s all freak her out and comment on it. 😉


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