Knit Night at Needles in the Hay

For months now, I’ve been trying to get down to Needles in the Hay for their Tuesday knit night. And since, well, MAY! Every Tuesday has conspired to bring a meeting or workshop or fierce deadline that has made it impossible.

Then there was the email requesting “ALL the yarn…I need ALLLLLLL the yarn…”

So I scooped up Lili and Carly (who you might remember from this post), 2 of my students from last winter at the Haliburton School of the Arts Visual Arts Program and headed to Peterborough last Tuesday night. Clearly they understand that traveling with me means that at some point they will be photographed for the blog, and took it very well.

Needles in the Hay - Knit Night

(Lili may have been seen fixing her hair right before this photo…I’m expecting complete non-chalance by next time)

We didn’t bring ALL the yarn, but did bring a healthy sized box for Bridget and a small crate of samples of other bases. I should have taken a photo of what happened next. Especially the slightly horrified look on Bridget’s face. Apparently hoards of people descending on the shop and diving into the new box of yarn doesn’t happen every week?

When things settled down, I checked in on Carly’s new scarf:

Needles in the Hay - Knit Night

She’s making it up as she goes along…changing stitches and adding eyelets, and whatever strikes her fancy.

Sasha and her Dr. Who cross stitch project:
Needles in the Hay - Knit Night

All the Doctors will be on her wall. All of them. (No, I still haven’t watched an episode. Mock at will.)

Perpetual motion Bridget:
Knit Night at Needles in the Hay

Um, the camera slipped…and I wasn’t even trying to take a photo…it was actually upside down and sideways. Could have been much worse. And yes. She’s wearing yarn.

And her lovely store and customers:

Needles in the Hay - Knit Night

I need to do this more often.

PS: yes, this means that after the “Great Indigodragonfly Drought of 2011”, Needles in the Hay has more yarn. 🙂


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