Every once in awhile, one comes across things in life that, given the right (or bent) frame of mind, can come across as silly, hilarious, or just plain wrong. Now, these things that turn out to be just plain wrong are also usually the funniest (as long as your local police force doesn’t become involved).

So awhile back, one of our minions happened to mention that they had a bunch/gaggle/flock/horde of chickens. Okay – nice. But what makes these chickens blog-worthy is that they’re actually Whedonchickens.


Yes, somewhere out there in the Alterno-Realo-Whedonverse, there are Whedonchickens! (Trademark Mutant Cluck)

Clockwise, starting at bottom left: Cordelia,Winifred, Drusilla, Buffy, Willow, Glory and Harmony.

Big Anya (11 pounds of terrifying demonishness!! Also, no longer afraid of bunnies…)

And, of course, because she’s living in the nest of luxury & sees the world just a leetle bit differently than the rest of the herd/flock/rabble: Inara!

So there you have it: Whedonchickens! (thanks Karen!)

Next Week’s Blogpost: Reaver Chipmunks!!


3 thoughts on “Whedonchickens!

  1. What? No Faith?! *grin* (I know nothing about chickens except that I like to eat them. But that’s probably wrong muchly in this context, so, um, nice cluckers they have there.)

    Thanks for the yarn and the giggles!

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