All Good KAL’s Must Come to an End…

Thanks to everyone who participated in this summer’s Knitalong of Doom.  We’ve announced the prize winners on Ravelry.

An amazing number of shawls and socks and sweaters and um, critters were produced in this KAL. You should go look at them all.

I especially want to highlight the wonderful new patterns that came out of the Knitalong:

Terri Kruse’s Anonymous Vampire in Merino Sock:

Photo copyright: Terri Kruse

You can purchase Terri’s pattern on Ravelery.

We hope to have kits available soon. In the meantime, there are many luscious Merino Sock colours to choose from.

Jenn Drummond’s Ripper Cowl in MCN Sport:

Photo copyright: Jenn Drummond

Named for Giles (AKA Ripper), Jenn describes this cowl as “a bit up-tight but falling apart at the same time”. Heh. Love it.

Purchase Jenn’s pattern on Ravelry here.

Ripper Kit – $30: includes the pattern (hard copy) & 1 skein of MCN Sport. Available Colours

How much do I love it that 2 Buffy inspired patterns came out of this KAL? These are my people.

And finally, my new buddies: Phillip and Mr. Grumm by Heather Sebastian of Joey’s House:

Photo copyright:  Heather Sebastian

(who spent a good part of last Friday nibbling on my toes at Shall We Knit in Waterloo.

Purchase Heather’s pattern on Ravelry here.

Phillip & Mr. Grumm Kit – $55 (merino sock)/$61 (MCN sock): Includes 2 skeins of Merino Sock or MCN Sock (your choice of 1-2 colours), 2 sets of eyes & the pattern (hard copy)

Merino Sock – Available colours
MCN Sock – Available colours


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