Final Stretch of the Knitalong of Doom!

That’s right.  You have just over 24 hours to finish up your projects!  Tomorrow (Tuesday September 6) at 11:59 pm is the deadline.  (Because I can never ever quite get which day tomorrow at midnight would be…is it still Tuesday?  Is it Wednesday?  And if I say Wednesday, will half of you think it’s actually the NEXT day? And before 25,000 of you email me to explain it all to me, just know that about 5 seconds after you tell me, it will leave my little brain and I’ll have to look it up again.  Like I just did.  So, 11:59 pm?  So. Much. Easier. Added bonus? You get crazy-talk content like this. You know you live for that.)

All the final details are in this thread in the Indigodragonfly Summer Knitalong of Doom Group on Ravelry.

To be clear:  photos don’t need to be up by 11:59 pm.  That is why we’ve allowed a whollllleeee 7 days after the deadline to get photos up, get your tags in place and get your nominations up in the Ravelry Group. And remember, even if you’re not quite able to finish, there are prize categories for everyone.

So how come you’re still here reading?  Go!  Knit!



One thought on “Final Stretch of the Knitalong of Doom!

  1. You’re not alone in your midnight-related confusion. I always cringe when I see midnight listed as a deadline for something, because so many people are unclear on it. I had some friends actually get screwed out of winning a contest because the person running the contest didn’t get it right. 11:59 is a much better and clearer for everyone way of doing things.

    Happy… uh, end of your knit-along?

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