So you may have heard that Jen is having a baby.

Wednesday was her baby shower at Lettuce Knit, one of my favourite traditions with my knit night, so I spent the early part of the week knitting these:

baby socks!!
baby socks!!
baby socks!!

Baby socks. So tiny and freaking cute I can hardly stand it. Baby feet need to be warm.

And I’ll have you know that these were knit, while dyeing with no power and no water. That’s how amazing these tiny socks are. (There may have been comments on the phone about putting orders through once we got back from 1869)

Jen’s been such an amazing supporter and wonderful friend. She’s also the funniest, snarkiest person I know, so clearly the names of the colours I used were most important: Groverkill, The Pursuit of Meh. and of course, most important of all…2 Minutes for Sarcasm.

I think there will be a little set of patterns soon. And I think there will be seven…a pair for every day of the week.


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