Going a little bit backwards here, but the week before the Fling, the Keris came to visit and stay in the Knitters Room. Two of my friends. Both knitters. Both named Keri, which is not at ALL confusing.

And they brought the Yarn Baby.  Remember her?  She came to our retreat in February, and we dumped her in a vat of yarn:


She’s a little bigger now. Big enough to get her very own bag of yarn:

Yarn Baby!

(because at Auntie Indi’s house, everyone gets yarn!)

Otis was not at all sure about these new people, but seemed to settle in OK:

Otis did not take to Keri AT ALL!

(When you come to visit, Otis will warm your feet)

Otis will keep your feet warm

And Keri…the other one…got in an amazing amount of knitting time!

Nap time = KNITTING TIME....GO!!!!!!

Yarn Baby was ever so helpful.  She and ‘Dread kept us all in line:

J with 'Dread

And of course she kept everyone updated with her tweets:

Yarn Baby tweets!

Just a wonderful few days of laughing and knitting and enjoying friends.  I highly recommend it.


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