Psssttt…flash sale on 4 ply cashmere for 1 week only here.

So a week and a half ago, we had a little thingie at our house/studio. You know, I don’t plan these things lightly.  A little event at my house, with the yarn and stuff…  We market and people say they’re coming and we go to the grocery store and get enough food to feed a small army. People tell us they’re coming and we’ve learned that for every person who RSVP’s, there’s at least 1 who doesn’t. We do all of that. But I have to admit, there is a teeny part of me that looks up and sees EVERY INCH of my house filled with people and goes “HOLY CRAP!”

And that’s what happened on August 13.

We were minion-ready:

Andrea…well, we call her ‘Dread…had her best highlighter on (but not her pants…those were left with some bartender in Portland…I really don’t want to know the details)

We stocked the shelves:

Our box of yarn leftover from Sock Summit arrived late Friday afternoon. Talk about cutting it close!

Val arrived first (seen here conversing with ‘Dread)…
So Val, the way you spin is...

…bearing gifts, including a wedding gift for us (our first!)
gifts from Val!

and one of her exquisitely made project bags
gifts from Val!

And then there was a flood of others, and of course I didn’t get any pictures of any of them. Thank goodness for Val’s husband Kev who took these shots:

I stopped counting at 50.

And I have to tell you that when you see this happening…
Rayna and I up to no good

…there is really only one assumption to make: Unicorn stitch markers. And sparkly cards. (this would be a much better photo if I wasn’t laughing so hard)
Unicorns AND sparkles.  Oh. Joy.

Rayna and Val, very proud of themselves. (They were also standing VERY far away from me…)
Rayna and Val are very very bad...

Unicorn assasination glee:
Ready for the massacre

Some a LITTLE more eager than others. 😉
Unicorn pinata antics

Sasha and her beautiful, freshly knit Ironic Hipster is Ironic hat from the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination June Club package
Unicorn pinata antics

Things did not end well for Lucky:
Oh Andrea...

Unicorn innards
Pinata bounty.  Heh.

(there was yarn and buttons too…they didn’t quite last as long…)


‘Dread test knitting Jenn’s new cowl pattern, Ripper
Test knitting for Jenn
(Run! Download! Now! C’mon…1 measly skein of MCN Sport…plus! It’s a Buffy inspired pattern… Giles…all organized and straight-laced but coming slightly apart at the edges? BRILLIANT!)

And some dyeing:
Dyeing demos

Which turned into “How Many Minions Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb”
How Many Minions Does It Take To Screw in a Lightbulb

It scares me when you get together and plot:
Oh Andrea...

And so it must all end eventually…with pure sugar:
Oh Andrea...

And the inevitable sugar crash:
Strung out on the sugar

So much fun in one day. I think we need to do it again.

Next year’s date: Saturday August 18. Book it! We may also organize a Friday knit night at the Art Hive for anyone who wants to make a weekend out of it. I think you should join us!


7 thoughts on “Flung

  1. Just in case you were wondering, it take 23.45 Minions to screw in a lightbulb – they all stand on top of one another to make a tall Minion stack, the top one grabs the lightbulb and they all spin.
    True story.

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