June Club Package: So Hip It Hurts

This post has been delayed by postal strikes, heatwaves, dyeing in heatwaves, a little Sock Summit thingie, supplier issues and a doomed unicorn. Sorry about that. (OK, maybe not so sorry about the unicorn.)

The Colourway: Hungry Hungry Hipster
The name Hungry Hungry Hipsters came from loyal minion Keri.
Though she really had no idea WHAT the colour should be, just thought it was a cool name. So it was filed away in the back of my brain.

Until Amy Duncan tweeted wayyyyyy back in February that she was mentally designing a hat pattern in her head on the bus:

The Pattern: Ironic Hipster is Ironic

SO! When 2 great ideas come together, you get a June Club package.

Colours that represent the broody, over important versions of the popular 1970’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos (which I was never allowed to own and had to sneak over to friends’ houses to play)

We took advantage of the dark natural colour of the Bam Yak yarn and overdyed it with super saturated brights. The Nut Free silk was dyed
twice to get a similar effect, although the colours less subdued. 4
colours, named after the Hippos themselves (you didn’t know they had names, did you?):

plum – Lizzie teal – Homer rust – Henry brown – Harry


For those with allergies to animal fibers, we sent out a lovely silk single that took the colour much more vibrantly:


Two colours, in any combination are used in the pattern. See how well Homer and Lizzie play together?


The pattern? A slouchy hat that makes you too cool and hip to care. Just by knitting it.

Ironic 4

I love this little cut out in the back:

Ironic 1 (Copyright Amy Duncan, 2012)

The Artisan: Sandi Luck

Sandi loves colour even more than we do. She is a multi-faceted textile artist and fellow member of the Art Hive Maple Lake Artisan’s Collective.

We conned her into making these little felted bowls for us, after I got one for Christmas.


These bowls are just a tiny sample of the work she does, using bright, saturated colours and rich fibres and fabrics to make wraps, belts, cuffs, wall hangings and tuffets that Miss Muffet would be thrilled to have.

But really, just look at these colours:


(I’m told there are bits and pieces of Indigodragonfly in some of these…see if you can pick them out)



3 thoughts on “June Club Package: So Hip It Hurts

  1. I LOVE hippos and never knew the hippos in the game had names! (My sole remaining stuffed hippo is named Hildegard, for those who care.)

    What I really wanted to say though was this: please, please did you take photos of the unicorn demolition event? mwhahahahaha I want to see unicorn guts!

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