You think you know who this is, don’t you?

Nope. This is Luckier. He’s still on the shelf at the grocery store, flanked by what I can only assume is the Pinãta Mafia.

Here’s where Luckier WON’T be tomorrow (and I’m sure he’s gravely disappointed):

Highland Fibre Fling (Ravelry Event listing link)
Saturday August 13
10 am – 4 pm
1932 Kennisis Lake Rd., near West Guilford in Haliburton County

Detailed directions from Toronto, Bracebridge and Haliburton.
Please note: GPS and Googlemaps do not work in Haliburton County and will get you lost. You can use googlemaps to get you to Bracebridge (west) and Haliburton (east), but after that I highly recommend using my directions.

Need more information? Have questions? Email us: (replace “AT” with “@”)


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