Sock Summit 2011

Portland is a beautiful city, with great neighbourhoods and lots to do and see. We arrived a day before Sock Summit, so spent some time exploring.

We could travel anywhere from our hotel and the convention centre, to downtown without paying a fare!

Portland Day 1

What a way to encourage people to use transit and keep cars off the road.

Bridget told us about the food trucks, but we had no idea how many we’d find! Blocks of them, with every food you can possibly think of.

Portland Day 1

Portland Day 1

And line ups at each one. We had Polish food:

Portland Day 2

The convention centre!

Portland Day 2

Surrounded by Sock Summit banners:

Sock Summit signs

Sock Summit signs

Sock Summit signs

We set up Thursday morning.

Sock Summit Day 1

And practiced our salespitch:

“It’s not just a sock”
Sock Summit Day 1

(Note Janel: our token American, who took the money for us, to keep us within NAFTA regulations. There’s also a performance art piece about shipping according to NAFTA, but you really have to see it in person)

“They smell great!”
Sock Summit Day 1

Sock Summit Day 1

“And hey! You can even golf with them!”
Sock Summit Day 1

And we were ready.
Sock Summit Day 1

Sock Summit Day 1

For the hoards to start bursting in. (I met a woman in line for food at 1:00 pm who was on her way over to get in line. The marketplace opened at 4:30. That’s hardcore dedication.)

Entrance at 4:29:
Sock Summit Day 1

Entrance at 4:30:
Sock Summit Day 1

Yes. They are running.

The Asterisk that launched a thousand Asterisks:
Sock Summit Day 1

Thelma and Louise (um, they are the feet.)
Sock Summit Day 1

VERY friendly instructors:
Oh Deb....

(Actually, Deb and I noticed in line at Starbucks that we had the same glasses…see?)
Oh Deb....

Maria brought us beer and chocolate…for, um, sustainability…
I love Maria.  That is all

Our minion met another minion.

Minion cousins!!!

And some other weird creatures of the knit-travel persuasion:
Minion makes friends

We made friends with the drinkers:
The Drinkers

Laura from California, Amy (Edmonton), Sheila, Lorie and Laurie (both from Edmonton, and apologies if I’ve spelled the names wrong!)

Glenna had a birthday party.
Glenna gets all the love

And I got to meet people in person that I’ve only ever known online, like Shannon:
Shannon is never NOT in action

And Amy, Caro and Stitchy:
Caro, Amy and Stitchy

And, of course, Stephen:
Oh Stephen...

And see friends from Squam, like Jill and Cal:
Cal and Jill

Also: Indigodragonfly is the fastest yarn in Portland!…at Sock Summit…ok, the fastest knitter at Sock Summit knit with our yarn. Turkeys apparently CAN fly. Congrats Deb!

I think people may have liked the yarn. Melissa came back on the last day, after literally scraping together all her pennies to buy one last skein:
"Look!  I saved up my pennies to buy your yarn!"

Indecision 2011: Will it be the red, or the red.
Melissa's portrait of indecision.

Yes, we did accept Canadian Tire money:
We weren't kidding...we can now buy a tank of gas with Can Ti money

(don’t laugh. We made enough for a tank and a half of gas!)

So this is what we started with on Thursday:
Sock Summit Day 1
(with an additional box of yarn under the table)

And this is what was left at the end of Sunday:
(and half of that is off to Knit 1 Bead 2 in Arizona)

I think it might be OK that I quit my day job…


24 thoughts on “Sock Summit 2011

  1. I still feel bad that I didn’t get you more/better chocolate. I really wanted to stop by Moonstruck or something. But at least I brought Red Hook IPA. I love Red Hook.

    Also, now I want to go to the food carts in Pdx. I didn’t make it this time. Also, next time, I’m telling you–Cupcake Jones. I still fantasize about the cupcakes….

  2. I really do need to arrange a visit with my sister in Portland to align with Sock Summit one of these years. While I’m allergic to socks, I desperately want to attend Sock Summit. I think it’s the call of the wild yarnporn that’s killing me. Anyhow, nicely done. 🙂

  3. Glad to have helped with the gas money, if only by $15!

    So many pretties — I’m really regretting only coming home with two skeins. Will definitely be adding to my Indigo Dragonfly stash soon. :o)

  4. I made the blog! Yes, it’s true, I did bring in my bag of change that I hadn’t changed into cash and very happily counted out $10 in quarters to go along with every bit of cash I had left. Every time I pull out that skein of yarn, I love it more and more. And for the record, I chose the red!

  5. Awesome SS11 post and very well done at the market place! Yeah, spread the Indigodragonfly love! Now so many more knitters have seen your gorgeous colours and yarn. And I’m sure they’ll be back for more.

  6. It was great to meet you and see your beautiful yarn in person. Love the names so much. You gave me an excuse to watch the turkey clip of WKRP and it took me right back to high school. Still so awesome!
    Hope to see you at SS3.

  7. Thelma and Lousie say hey, they want to know when they can hook up with the minion again.
    We had such a blast meeting you. There are not very many people who know where Omemee is located and thanks for letting me yak about home.
    Your yarn is amazing, started knitting with it as soon as I got home. I had to cuz Thelma or was it Lousie started whinning about needing a new outfit.


  8. I am absolutely in *love* with my “Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn”. I can already tell I’m going to need another skein if I want to make myself a full pair of socks. Ah, such a hardship.

  9. My favourite is when Ann’s pink minion has its (her?) arm around your green minion. It’s like they’re buds having a secret conversation! They are very expressive, for yarn.

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