Dear Minions,

(Um, the human ones…that aren’t here in Portland)

We are here:

Sock Summit Day 1

Doing stuff like this:
Sock Summit Day 1

Having many brushes with greatness.

Natalie and Rachel and Tina and Stephen and Stephanie and Debbi are taking great care of us.

Miss you! (but ok with not sharing ALL the yarn fumes)


PS: Otis is living the life of bacon and air conditioning. We should all be so lucky. Do not worry about the mutt.


7 thoughts on “Postcard

  1. Miss you Kim,

    I would like some of the yarn on the 5th row down 14th from the right…not that one, the one next to it!!

    Just kidding, see you soon..

  2. But you did get chocolate and beer, so it’s not all bad! (How was the beer? I just picked a random assortment of Oregon beers from the fridge.)

    And I want to go back and buy at least one more of everything. I’ll just go pick up that winning lottery ticket on the way….

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