Get Lucky at the Highlands Fibre Fling!

Last year we had an open house at our studio and called it the Highlands Fibre Fling.  It was fun.  People came.  We showed people how we dye.  (I never think it’s that interesting to watch, but I am apparently WRONG)  We had work from other artisans.  And a steady flow of people came and went but didn’t really stick around.  (Leaving more food for Darby, Ron and I)

It wasn’t quite what we expected.  We thought people would come and hang out for part of the day, sit on the lawn and knit or spin with us.

So this year we were on a mission to keep some of you here a little longer.  But first you need some background.

Sometimes I dye sparkly yarn.  For other people.  For, really, ANY other people.  Because (and I know this is going to be a shock to some of you) I am decidedly not a sparkly yarn kind of person.  I put glitter on a homemade Christmas card last year.  That was weird.

The unicorn jokes started when my friend Anastasia pointed out she could TOTALLY see me frolicking in a meadow with the fairies and the unicorns… oh, wait…

So our mission? To find a unicorn piñata. We travelled all over the land…to the far off metropoli of Lindsay and Peterborough and Bracebridge, to no avail. Until one night, in a late night fit of ice cream craving (read: OMG the grocery stores are open until 10 pm!  We must go to one at 9:55 to get ice cream!), we happened upon Lucky at our own local grocery store.

Meet Lucky:

(I know. I’m kinda worried)

Now, we had to make sure that Lucky was the RIGHT kind of unicorn:

But then we turned our backs for one minute, and…

This is not the way to make your way quietly through a busy grocery store…just saying:

I wish I had had the camera handy when Ron told the lovely woman in front of us in line, “Yeah, he’s going to be beaten to death by a bunch of knitters.”

So join us in beating the crap out of Lucky on August 13!

Highland Fibre Fling (Ravelry Event listing link – RSVP there!)
Saturday August 13
10 am – 4 pm
1932 Kennisis Lake Rd., near West Guilford in Haliburton County

For directions: (replace “AT” with “@”)


7 thoughts on “Get Lucky at the Highlands Fibre Fling!

  1. You’re going to judge me for this, but my first reaction was mild horror at the thought of you and your friends beating up a poor, defenseless unicorn.

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