In Which We Meander to Shall We Knit and Much Fun Ensues

Well!  We’ve been busy!

First a quick trip down to Lettuce Knit on Wednesday night for knit night.  Lettuce is still my LYS, even though it’s a local yarn store 242 km away.

Kim from Ottawa (not to be confused with Kim who is me) happened to be in town and joined us.  Now, Kim is my kind of person.  She planned her Easter weekend trip route from Ottawa to Niagara Falls, via Haliburton so that she could visit our studio.  And totally got that information past her husband.  Brilliant.  My favourite part, was the part where they DROVE PAST OUR HOUSE the night before the visit, to stay in Minden.  Which means they had to backtrack almost 40 minutes.  For yarn.  Kim is my superhero.

However, here are photos of her Oz mitt (rav links) on that vacation.  I would like you to notice that there are no photos of me, the Boy, Otis or our house in those photos.  I mean, HELLO!  You planned your trip around a visit to a yarn studio and there are photos of, you know, wineries and that piddly little falls thing…but not OTIS?  Kim told me she was too shy.

Well we took care of that at Lettuce Knit.

Here’s Kim in the store:

Kim comes to visit

That’s some kind of shawly thing in And Then Buffy Staked Edward.  The End. 

And the peeps of the night:

Kim comes to visit

And a very stoned photo of the two Kims:

Kim comes to visit

I got my hair cut the next day.  It looks MUCH better now.  Well, ok not RIGHT now cause I’m dyeing and it’s hot and steamy in here, but you get the point.

The next day we set off to Waterloo ON, to Shall We Knit for a two day long trunk show and yarntasting event.  Basically we moved in, set up an Indigodragonfly area with lots of yarn and sample garments and testing skeins and planted ourselves there for 2 days.  And people came to see us.

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

Shall We Knit is a WHOLE HOUSE of yarn store.  There’s a sock room and a luxury room and a book room and and…there are a lot of rooms!

We stayed in a little private apartment about a five minute walk from the store, and even less to downtown Waterloo.  It really couldn’t have been more comfortable.  And they made sure we were very well taken care of:

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

Friday started with a rush of knitters who had told various people they were going to Zehr’s.  Now I thought Zehr’s was a grocery store…I was wrong.  It is apparently the sock room at Shall We Knit.  Just so you know, for future reference.

The amazing Shall We Knit team:

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

Lise, Jenn, Karen, Cari and Lynne.  (For months I’ve been picturing Lynne as a gigantic set of teeth with goggley eyes and feet.  I now have photographic proof she is not.) There was also Sue, who I managed to not get a photo of. (Sorry Sue!)

(By the way, Karen, the owner of Shall We Knit, has just been nominated for a RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award!  Congratulations Karen!  Very well deserved.)

And these were our yarn tasting yarns.

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

You were welcome to sit and knit and try any or all of them out.  So if you’ve ever been curious about how the Merino Silk DK feels to knit, or what Merino Cashmere REALLY feels like, just pick up a squirrel or giraffe and have at it!

Saturday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  Jacqueline from Soak joined us and we spilled out front of the shop and onto the front porch…lawn…the driveway…the parking lot…

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

And over there, under the tree on the left, is Heather Sebastian of Joey’s House. She designs the most amazing monster patterns and um, MINIONS! (rav links) There may be some plotting happening…

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

Oh right. And Lucy Neatby came by. You know. Cause it’s impossible to have too much fibre fabulousness in one place.  We were very cool.  Kinda.

And then, sadly, there was the packing up and the driving home.

I’m afraid we don’t get much more mature after we leave a place. I’m not sure what our waiter’s name actually was, but when he wrote it on our table, upside down, it kind of looked like “HAM” backwards. Which lead to this exhibit of maturity: 

Trunk Show & Yarn Tasting/WWKIP Day 2011

Thanks Waterloo and Shall We Knit! We’ll definitely be back!


7 thoughts on “In Which We Meander to Shall We Knit and Much Fun Ensues

  1. Is it wrong that, despite the fact that my brother has lived in Waterloo for several years now, it’s this yarn store that makes me decide that I *really* need to visit him there?

  2. This was one of the funnest weekends evah. I vote for a do-over! Thanks for the inspiring haul of yarnz I dragged home – and the treat you left behind! Xxs
    (Oh, and can I please have a “No good, horrible, very bad hair day” colourway? Oy.)

  3. I’m with Lynne on the do-over! And the inspiring yarn haul. And the schwag. You Indigodragonfly peeps are welcome in Waterloo any time!

  4. Oh hey, I had no idea this store existed! I’ll have to drop in next time I’m back home visiting my parents. 🙂

  5. The yarn tasting station looks and sounds fantastic! Just what knitters need, really! My ginger boy and I are playing with the idea of a train trip across Canada (in 2013, do not getting over excited just yet) and while I’d love to get back to Toronto for Lettuce Knits, you’ve now expanded the trip into the wide unknowns with showing me Shall We Knit and rumours of visits to your studio. I wonder how much of a yarn tour I could sneak past my lover boy in the guise of seeing Canada?

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