Gone to Waterloo!

We won’t be taking any orders or sales from the website until Sunday June 19.  We’re moving all the yarn to Shall We Knit in Waterloo ON for a few days to play with the one, lonely remaining skein at their store.  (Ironically, in the Alanis Morrisette meaning of the word, it’s Bitterness)

Want to see what different bases are like when knit up? We’ll have lots of samples, and may even have some Club package samples for you to see as well.

AND! For the first time ever, we’ll have cakes of our yarn bases for you to try/knit in the store. A perfect opportunity to try them.

Soak will also be there with a display on Saturday to celebrate WWKIP Day.  Good thing too…I’m down to the last capful.  Really.

And of course the lovely and talented and not at all smart-assy staff of Shall We Knit: Karen, Lynne, Katherine and Cari.  (and me, Kim?  That’s a lot of K-sounds in one location)

Shall We Knit?
11 Willow Street, Waterloo ON
(519) 725-9739







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