The second anniversary of Indigodragonfly is coming up soon, and to celebrate we’ve decided to hold a summer-long knitalong.  In the spirit of Malabrigo March, we originally thought that we’d hold it for a month, but since there are no months that start with the letter I, we’ve decided to make it a summer-long event (Indi-une, Indi-uly, Indi-gust).

This will be a low-stress, high-fun knitalong.  Consider it an opportunity to challenge yourself with a large project, to finish languishing works in progress, or to jump in and start those club patterns you’ve been keeping in the corner.  We’ll also be releasing the pattern/workshop for the Cliffs of Insanity scarf, and offering a sub-group to work on that.

preview of Cliffs of Insanity


1) You must knit with Indigodragonfly yarn to qualify.

Really, that’s it.

Key dates:

Cast on:  June 23 (Kim’s birthday)

Photos of cast on projects due by: July 14 (official anniversary of Indigodragonfly)

End of Knitalong:  September 6

Photos and reports of finished objects or best attempts:  September 10

All registered Knitalong participants will be eligible for prizes (categories to be determined and made up at our whim…what…you thought we’d be predictable?)

Sign up for the Indigodragonfly Summer Knitalong of Doom (Cute and Cuddly, of course) here.  And join the Ravelry Group.


5 thoughts on “Knitalong!

  1. Ooo.. Is that a cousin to my pretty purple thing?

    I think I will do this knitalong. I still owe my friend an Aeolian shawl from that gorgeous Groverkill Lace I bought way back when. ::plots::

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