April Club Package: Minions, Minions, Minions

Spoiler warning:  If you have not received your April Club package yet, and want to be surprised, do not read any further…also, you should probably email us because there is a good chance your package ran away to join the circus.  And we should probably try to convince it that life as an accountant is really the better choice.

This package may as well be called “Minions, Minions, Minions”.  Every part of this package made me jump up and down with glee.

The Colourway: Now Accepting Applications for Minions.

Susan and I have a mutual friend.  That mutual friend has a precocious youngster.  Precocious in the good, all-of-you-will-bend-to-my-will, I-refuse-to-conform-and-you-know-you-like-it kind of way.  She’s kind of my hero.  So when our mutual friend told us that her child came to breakfast one day saying she needed some minions, “Now Accepting Applications for Minions” NEEDED to become a colourway.  And Susan was the perfect designer to design something for it.

Charcoal grey – the colour of minions
Chocolate brown –  for the, well, brown-nosing
White – minionly pointy teeth
Teal – the colour of ennui (we all knew that, right?), or perhaps minion blood.

The Pattern: Tiara, a knitsnknishes design by Susan Lutsky

Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club Package - April 2011

I have to tell you, there was much giggling over international borders about this design. So much fun to collaborate!

Susan’s notes about the pattern:

Feeling underappreciated? Slip on a pair of Tiara Socks, have one of your minions pour you a glass of the bubbly and fetch you a platter of bonbons …then sit back and enjoy, and nurture your royal self! You know you deserve it! The idea for this pattern evolved out of a discussion between Kim and I about the name for this month’s colourway. ~ Who would be accepting applications for minions? Royalty! And/or those aspiring to be royal!

The Artisan: Darby Bayly, CraftyRedFox

I love Darby’s imagination.  That, and the fact that she takes my crazy ideas and takes them to a whole new level.  That was the case with this month’s swag.  I knew I wanted her to silkscreen project bags for us, with the intention of having a new design for every year of the Club.  So I told her the name of the colourway, and a few days later I got this image in my email:

© Darby Bayly

With this note:

Here is a roughly realized minion who’s brain has been replaced with yarn by it’s relentless yarn producing master.

Which made me laugh so hard that, um, it’s now my job title.

So that original sketch soon became this:

And was printed in a variety of colours:

(and perhaps on half of our wardrobe)


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