Colourstory: Sesame Street Walker

Naming our colours can take many different forms. Sometimes we know what the name is going to be, and build colours from that. Sometimes the colour happens first, and the name pops into one of our brains. Many times we get friends or customers contacting us and begging for a colour with a certain name. We’re pretty obliging.

Ron’s been spending more quality time with the dye pots lately, and this is one of his new creations:

Sesame Street Walker

This skein of Merino Silk Lace sat with it’s siblings (some MCN Lace and merino sock in the same colour) on our dining room table for about a week while we tried to figure out what it’s name was. We knew it should be something Muppet-y, but not sure quite what. And since some of our colour names have been recently described as “not as offensive as her usual names”, I thought it would be nice to tone down the name for once.

So I called on the people I can always count on to bring me right back down to earth. Three friends who’ve known me since elementary school…who have even liked me through the perm years…who will really tell me where it’s at. My movie friends, Carol, Pam and Joanne. I thought Carol, the Muppet affectionato…who still cries over Jim Henson’s sudden death, and who inspired the colour “That’s Not Kermit…Kermit is Dead” (something she yelled in the audience of Muppet Treasure Island, thereby scarring a generation of small humans) would be especially respectful of our fine felted friends.

So here are samples of the names that my dear friends came up with:

Muppet Orgy
Muppet Monster Orgy
Illegitimate Love Child of Grover and Oscar the Grouch
(subtitle: How Do Muppets Procreate?)
Brokeback starring Cookie and Oscar

And then led to a short discussion about how Bert and Ernie were just roommates and Grover is still alive and well…

They shocked us speechless. Shocked and appalled.

Somehow “Sesame Street Walker” didn’t seem as X-rated as we originally thought.


2 thoughts on “Colourstory: Sesame Street Walker

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I love your friend Carol. I know everything I need to know to be able to say that with confidence.

  2. I personally like “Illegitimate Love Child of Grover and Oscar the Grouch”.
    Would you believe I have been so busy I haven’t even opened the box of Buffy yarny goodness which arrived yesterday? But oh, tomorrow, my grabby hands will be all over them. Thanks again, guys! Looking forward to the next batch.

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