We Survived The Frolic!


Well, another year, another Knitters Frolic.

Held at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto, the Knitters Frolic is our first show of the year, and a big one at that!

Anyway, we did survive, and if you recall our last post, there was a car-full of newly-dyed yummy yarn ready to wing its way to Toronto and into the eagerly waiting fingers of the crowds.

So over the next few days, we’ll be going through our inventory and overhauling the yarn base pages, adding all our new stuff, and taking out the existing yarn skeins that found new homes on Saturday.

So check out our available yarns, patterns, project bags and knitting pottery pages throughout the week, as new stuff will be appearing purty darn fast! And if you’ve had your eye on something that’s now listed as sold out, guess what? You may be in for a pleasant surprise!

Mmmmm…………New Stock……………Agghhhhh……………(insert drooling noise here)


4 thoughts on “We Survived The Frolic!

  1. Glad to hear that you survived. When we arrived we turned right and there was your booth! My first purchase was some lovely “You Punched the Highlights out of her Hair” sock yarn. My sixteen year old son was delighted to see it! Wants me to knit him some fingerless gloves. It’s not often that he gets excited about my yarn purchases but he does like your colourway names. Thanks!

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