Frolic Bound

We’re all packed up and ready to go to the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto this weekend.

Here’s what our shop shelves look like right now:


Where’s the yarn?

Um here:


and here:


And some of it is here (clearly eager to pop out of tubs and into your hot little hands):


Yes, not much sightline left:


Once again, the only car on the highway with cashmere airbags.

If you’re near Toronto, come by and say hi!


How to Knit Socks (or Not)

I’m on a mission.  A mission to knit socks that fit.  Me.

I have knit socks.  Lots of socks.  I’ve even knit socks that were samples for a book.

But I have freakishly small feet.  The kind of feet that have shoe salespeople laughing hysterically when I ask if they have shoes in my size.  And giving me lines like, “Don’t you know it’s not small black shoe buying season?”…  (Really?  There’s a SEASON for black shoes?)

I have never successfully knit a pair of socks that fit.  But since we’re going to be vendors at Sock Summit this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to finally slay this sock-dragon once and for all.

(And no, going down a needle size…or 3…has not worked so far.  Needles smaller than 2 mm needles hurt my hands, so I’m determined to figure this out using tools that I’m comfortable with)

I’ve started with the Staked socks Glenna C designed for the October 2010 Smart-Ass Knitters package.  Last night in fact.  Here’s a snapshot of my progress:

1) Knit gauge swatch IN THE ROUND.  (Can you tell I’ve been bitten in the butt by this gauge routine before?)

2) Gauge success!  Awesome.  Moving on.  Cast on.

3) Correct number of stitches achieved.  Go me!

4) Join.  Look at that!  No twist!  Really, nothing can stop me.

5) Glance at pattern and quickly memorize the ribbing pattern.  Well, that’s a heck of a lot of writing for a pretty simple 3 stitch repeat.  OK then.  Memorized.  Off I go.

6) Knit 12 rows of ribbing on teeny tiny needles.  Great.  Ribbing done!  FUN PART AHEAD.

7) Follow chart.  Yep…going well.  Eighteen stitches into the first row.  Nineteen.  Twenty….um….this is weird.  Go back.  Count.  Yep, counting skills are intact (this is an issue more than you’d think).  So….um…..what’s hap…oh wait…what’s that weird patterning thing happening in the charted ribbing row….um….

8) Crap.

9) Rip. La lala lala…

10) Start designing the “you hire clever designers because they are smart and know what they are doing…do not go rogue on their designs” tattoo for my forearm.

Yep.  So far, so good.

I’ll Have The Herd Cake, Please!

Guess What?

Today is Otis’ Birthday!!

Yes, the Chairman of the Board turns 13 today (that’s 14 in elevator years). And so to celebrate, Otis has authorized a one-day sale today – Monday April 18 – 13% off all individual yarn skeins!

Okay, gotta go now – must try to figure out how to make cake icing from gravy, as per strict instructions, and … oh wait, the snacks, er, I mean petting zoo, has arrived…

New Kit: Staked

I can not begin to tell you how much I love this pattern by Glenna C.  Twisted stitches.  Staked hearts.  Really, what’s not to love!  (Originally blogged here)

Today we release the Staked pattern (Rav link) from the October Smart-Ass Knitters Club package, as a kit.  (all pattern photos © Glenna C, 2010)

As we develop and release Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired colours, more and more people ask me “What about our heroine? Where’s her colour?”  The truth is, Buffy was first.  And Then Buffy Staked Edward.  The End.  Misty midnight blues and plums, washed in vampire dust.  Awesome.  So today we’re also releasing this colourway to the public and it is available in 4 different sock bases for you to choose from.

Here’s what it looks like in the different bases:

**Keep in mind if a base is Sold Out we regularly make more, so just drop us an email & we’ll get right on it!**

Merino Sock – 1 Skein Available

Buffy Staked Edward - MCN Sock

MCN Sock – 1 Skein Available

Buffy Staked Edward - Merino Silk Sock

Merino Silk Sock – 3 Skeins Available

Buffy Staked Edward - Shiny

Shiny – 1 Skein Available

Staked Kits:

Kits are available in your choice of colour and yarn base.  To order, email us at orders AT and indicate 1) yarn base & colour, 2) PDF or printed pattern, and 3) where you live.  We will email you a paypal invoice for your kit.  All regular ordering policies apply.  Click here for details.

Merino Sock – $30 PDF pattern/$32 printed pattern  Available colours

MCN Sock – $33 PDF pattern/$35 printed pattern  Available colours

Merino Silk Sock – $33 PDF pattern/$35 printed pattern  Available colours

Shiny – $42 PDF pattern/$44 printed pattern  Available colours

If your favourite colours are sold out, email us to order them!

Last Day to Sign Up!

Today is the last day to sign up for the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club. Please click the link for all information, including pricing and posts about past packages, to show you the colours, projects and swag from last year’s Club.

Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club Package - April 2011

The April 2011 package has just been mailed out to lucky Club members, and it’s our favourite to date! I’d love to show you photos, but I’m pretty sure I would be vapourized by death rays from every corner of the globe. I can, however, direct you to the SPOILER thread on Ravelry, where there are photos and details and a healthy amount of squeeling.

Hope you’ll join us, if you haven’t signed up already.

And if you have? Heh.

Clearing Up The Sock Drawer

So, have you ever been doing the laundry, go upstairs to put it away and sure as shucks there’s a sock or two missing?

Well, we were doing some early spring cleaning of the occasional dyeing session, and we came across a few loose socks; hopefully they’ll make up for any lost little guys you might be missing, or maybe just simply spread some cheer amongst your current collection. Either way, don’t let yer toes get cold, kick up yer heels an’ enjoy!

MCN Sock: merino/cashmere/nylon blend – 375 yards per skein – 115 g – $27

Email orders AT to place all orders.  Let us know: 1)  what you would like to purchase, 2) where you live (state/province/country), and 3) whether you would like us to wind your yarn into cakes (charge of $1 per skein with proceeds going to our Otis Houndation).  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario).  For further information, see the bottom of this post.

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal! (Wash)

1 Skein Available

Have Fun Storming The Castle

2 Skeins Available

We Gotta Go To The Crappy Town Where I’m A Hero (Wash)

1 Skein Available


Sold Out!

This Is A Fertile Land, And We Will Thrive! (Wash)

Sold Out!

Vicious Penguin

Sold Out!

Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain (Dark Thoughts Edition) (River)

Sold Out!

My World Is All Askew (Willow)

1 Skein (Dark and Light) Each Available

To purchase any of the above yarn, please send me an email at orders AT (replace AT with “@”, no spaces) indicating which colours(s) you would like, where you live and whether you want it shipped surface or air mail. First email request for each yarn/fibre secures it. I will send you a paypal invoice for the full amount plus shipping and ship the packages off within 3-5 days. Shipping charges to the US will start at $5.44 for surface mail and $7.70 for air mail. Canada Post doesn’t make shipping charges for Canadian or International packages easy, so I will send you a shipping quote for your order for your approval. Best attempts are made to photograph colours accurately, however colours do differ from monitor to monitor (I’ve checked). I’ve also described the colours…and hope that helps. Custom orders (including dyeing or overdyeing your own fibre or yarn) are always welcomed! Just email me with what you have in mind.