“So Are You On Board With the Fishnets?”

Remember these guys? Last night the Arts Council I work with had a joint Meet & Greet with the Haliburton School of The Arts (where I also teach) at a local restaurant.  Turns out that the key to good turnout for these events is not, in fact, showing up with a small mountain of cheese at the actual College (sorry Jasmine), but the promise of free food…surrounded by beer…off campus.

This is Lili.  The one who knit through my class.

And  no…wait for it…

THIS is the hat she started knitting in my class last week:

I would like to remind you all that Lili started knitting in January.  THE END of January.  And since then, has produced enough knitwear to clothe a small European country.

Modeled by Lisa (who says I can keep her sweater forever and ever and ever…) who, as well as knowing how to strike a pose is also vying to be the small European country that Lili is knitting for.

And then there’s the roller derby talk, that inevitably leads to the tights vs. fishnets debate.  (You can silk screen tights.  These are art students.  This could get good.)

Here we have Darby of project bag fame, Lisa the hat model, Carly Marie and Aisling, who apparently are coordinating a field trip to our house.  (There was also talk of resumes being stacked on our doorstep…do they not understand that it’s Otis who does the hiring, so unless the resumes are made of meat…)

Last night was an opportunity to talk to students about what’s next.  We have a lot of artists here in Haliburton (the highest concentration of artists in Ontario) and there are supports for them here.  Most of the students at the school leave after their time here.  We want to find ways to help more of them stay.  If for no other reason than they’ll work for wool.


7 thoughts on ““So Are You On Board With the Fishnets?”

  1. im for the fishnets!! roller derby is the perfect reason to pull them out, ps. today i have a freshly knit pair of fingerless gloves, courtesy of Lili, surprised??

    • Well yes Lisa, your allegiance to the fishnets was quite apparent last night! So are you three sitting at computers? I suddenly have 2 new Ravelry friends.

      Ask Lili where my mitts are. 😉

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