More On the Nut-Free Club

You know, the allergy-free version of the Smart-Ass Knitters 1 Skein Club. Which the Boy calls Nut Free. So you know that stuck pretty darn quick. There’s a list and a spreadsheet and everything. With notes. And sparkly stickers if you’ve been bad, and skulls and pirates if you’ve been good…

Oh wait. You probably wanted a real post. (Not the aimless word-wanderings of someone stuck at the office, waiting for an event to begin…oh crap. Did it again.)

Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination. 1 Skein. 1 Pattern. Some really cool stuff made just for you by people I really like, so you should like them too. Just 3 more weeks to sign up, and less than 1/3 of the spots are left. You’re not all waiting till the last minute, are you?

We’ve had several inquiries about the Nut Free version of the Club, so I thought I’d answer them here for you:

Is the cost the same as the regular club? No. We were able to get close. The cost of the Nut Free version is an extra $12 per year, or $8 for the first 6 months. $1 more per month, which covers our additional cost, and doesn’t reflect the retail price of the yarn. So it’s a deal, really.

What kinds of fibre content will be in the yarn? Depends on you and what you can tolerate. Some of our Nut Free members can tolerate some animal fibres (alpaca, yak, camel) and some can’t (plant fibres and silk only). We are able to adjust.

But what EXACTLY are you sending us? Nope. No fair. The Nutters don’t get to know exactly what they’re getting…the element of surprise is a fun part of all this. Just make sure to tell us exactly what your sensitivities are, and we will work with that.

So if you can’t send peanut butter in the packages, I have a great recipe for lemon squares that I could send you. How many do you want? Clearly you haven’t seen the results of sending baked goods across international borders (“perishable” is US Customs for “3 months”)


Still more questions? Email us at orders AT or leave us a comment right here and we’ll get back to you.


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