How Fast They Learn

Psssssst.  Only a few more weeks to sign up for the Smart-Ass Knitters Club. And you know where to find the yarn, right?  Just checking.

Also:  Glenna is donating all the profits from her pattern sales this month to The Red Cross and Médicins sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Help her out.

I’ve been teaching a course at the local Art College: Haliburton School of the Arts. Portfolio and Presentation.  You know, the class that art students don’t want to take because it gets in the way of them actually making art.  But they need it and I know what they need to know, so I teach it. And love every minute of it.  Even when not nice things are being said under their breath. Even when Facebook is WAYYYYY more fascinating than I am.  (Is it wrong that it bothers me less when they’re on Ravelry...though I’d prefer it if they were at least talking about unsparkly yarn in my group to FAKE their sucking up).  Love. It.  I leave every single class completely energized and remembering why I work in the arts.

They also let me be my smart-assy self.  I know you’re all shocked that sarcasm is written into the lesson plan.

My first class was in January.  Later that same day, I also taught a “learn to knit” class at the Art Hive.  Two of my new art school students came and learned how to knit that day They chose some of my yarn… ::cough::gatewaydrug::cough:: …and some needles.  Stumbling through those first new steps.  Intently struggling through the cast on.  Learning to breathe again while trying those first knit stitches.  I’m told they went home that night and  knit all night.  Just couldn’t stop.  Heh.

Class 2 –

Me:  You can email me anytime with questions about class.
Students:  What about knitting questions?

Clearly I’ve made my smart-assy bed.

Today was the third class…not even 2 months after the first.  And Lili, one of my knitting students knit through class.  The whole thing.  While participating in class (which is why I let it happen).  Most of the time not looking at her knitting, just knowing where the needles needed to be.  During break, she got excited showing me all her knitted things and telling me she had seen my yarn at Needles in the Hay in Peterborough. But then she had gone to Walmart, and decided that their yarn wasn’t worth her time and energy.  That higher quality yarns are more expensive but they feel better and they look better and if she’s going to spend the time and energy making something, she wants it to feel good on and to last.  My students are SMART!

And my other knitting student, Lisa, literally gave me the sweater off her back so I can try to recreate it.  It’s a really cool sweater.  She totally trusts me to give it back.  ::snicker::  (There was a brief exchange about me taking it to Cuba, which she quickly informed me would be too hot for this sweater.  Snort. Like THAT’S going to stop me.)  Lisa is discovering knitwear.  Wanting to know how things are made and how long they take. Understanding the value. I love it when that happens.



4 thoughts on “How Fast They Learn

  1. I knit through half of my classes in college the same way. Biggest problem was getting classmates to quit watching me and pay attention. My advisor/primary Anthropology prof was especially understanding. She got a baby blanket for her first-born. When it’s nothing too complex, it’s like drawing in the margins of your notes but with yarn.

  2. you made new knitters!

    there are a couple of courses i’ve taken in vet school that i literally would never have survived if i hadn’t knit through them. i know i got a lot more out of them too, since my hands were engaged so my brain was free to pay attention.

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