Helping in the Face of Disaster

We hear the news.  We see the photos.  We want to help.

It’s our gut reaction to disasters.  And here in the online knitting world, we jump to it, ready and willing to donate pattern and yarn sales, donate yarn to online auctions, donate money to help THOSE people that we’re watching RIGHT NOW.

We hear the news.  We see the images.  We have to help.

I’d like to encourage anyone who wants to help any charitable cause to give smartly. Yes, it’s your money and you should be allowed to determine where it’s directed, but trust charity you’re supporting to know how they can best use your donation to do the most good.  Consider directing your donation to a general fund or an unrestricted fund of your favourite charity.  Medicins sans frontières has an Emergency Relief Fund.  The Red Cross has both domestic and international disaster funds.  Both ensure that your donations go where they’re needed most, WHEN they’re needed most.

Now, if you are of the “I want to support a disaster AND I want to support a designer” variety of person, Olgajazzy is IN Japan, living on a military base. Read about what she’s doing here.

By the way, for all of you that have purchased any skein of “Rachel H’s Tiara” in the past 6 months, I’ve just made a donation on your behalf to MSF/DWB in the amount of $159.  As promised, $1.50 from each skein.  To help where and when it’s needed most.


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