Smart-Ass Club Package: February

Available Yarn ♦  2011-12 Club Sign ups ♦  Midnight Collection/Buffy-inspired Yarns

Spoiler warning:  If you have not received your February Club package yet, and want to be surprise, do not read any further.

There will be photos.

I’m not kidding.

Really.  They’re coming up soon.

The Pattern: Algonquin by Ronni Smith

Dorothy Parker.  Consummate Smart-Ass, and the inspiration for this month’s pattern.

AlgonquinScarf by Ronni Smith
photo © Ronni Smith, all rights reserved

Ronni’s notes:

The poem Neither Bloody Nor Bowed sums up smart-asses everywhere I think.  Certainly it does me:

“But I, despite expert advice,
keep doing things I think are nice,
and thought to good I never come –
inseparable my nose and thumb!”

I love working with Ronni. And this? Was a year-long collaboration. Every email, so enthusiastic and excited…which made me enthusiastic and excited… Love that kind of collaboration.

The Colourway: Neither Bloodied Nor Bowed

Multi-tonal deep reds…part semi-solid, part tonal variagation.

Smart-Ass Knitters Package - February 2011 Smart-Ass Knitters Package - February 2011

A very sexy red in low light…

Smart-Ass Knitters Package - February 2011

The Artisan: Erin Lynch/Bella’s Bazaar

Erin is a jewellery designer, and a fellow member of the Art Hive Collective.  In fact, she loves it so much she LIVES in the building.  😉

Erin made us pretty stitch markers!

Smart-Ass Knitters Package - February 2011

A lot of stitch markers. All kinds of different ones. It was stitch marker-o-mania.

I would like to give Erin credit for not killing me. Especially after finding out that I’d, um, forgotten to tell her the final number of stitch marker sets she had to make. By 25.

Somewhere in the middle of this insanity, Erin promised to learn to knit if I dyed her sparkly yarn. She’s now got a fleet of hats and cowls under her belt, and the beginnings of a nice little stash. Also? A back-up stash that literally lives in the same building. You know you all want to move in.

Sparkly yarn. Crap.


2 thoughts on “Smart-Ass Club Package: February

  1. i love February’s club kit so much! now i just have to get through seven million other things before i can start it.

    also, there is nothing wrong with sparkling yarn. only with sparkling vampires…

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