New Buffy Colour!

Buffy, to Willow, in reference to Angel’s age:

“My boyfriend had a bicentennial.”


Old. Brooding. In the shadows. A real Type-O personality.

And now… a new colourway!

Remember, check out the link on the main page masthead for the Buffy/Midnight Collection – Angel would fit in Soooooo nicely!!!

My Boyfriend Had A Bicentennial


MCN Sock: merino/cashmere/nylon blend, 375 yards per skein, 115 g, $27 – Sold Out!

MCN Worsted: merino/cashmere/nylon blend, 200 yards per skein, $27 – Sold Out!

Yes, this is a small run to start, if it is more that ye wants, ye can asks!

Drink it in minions, drink!

**** Well, this went fast – all Bicentennial skeins have sold out in their first 12 hours on-line! – but this is an easily repeatable colourway so if you would like some, let us know and we’ll break out the dye pots n make some more! ****


3 thoughts on “New Buffy Colour!

  1. I think this one will join the list of colourways I will be thinking about for April. *Really* lovely, especially for someone like me who is a fan of red and black!

    (And if you ever do a second Angel colourway, I think it should be called “All Billowy Coat, King of Pain”)

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