Random Happenings

In honour of the low energy week we’ve been having, here’s a little randomness to share with you:

1.  Sign ups for the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination 1 Skein Club are chugging along!  We’re over half-way to our goal with over a month of sign ups left to go.  If you’re interested in a spot, let us know.  Spots are filling up much faster than last year.

2.  We have a few people signed up for the allergy-free version of the club. Amy’s even joining us.  We’re very happy with the replacement yarns we’ve been able to find for everyone.  It’s a happy challenge.

3.  Plus I get to buy more yarn.

4.  “Nut Free” is what the Boy is calling the allergy version.

5.  I guess that plan for homemade peanut butter as artisan swag has gone out the window.

6.  Boxes of yarn are winging their way to other places, which is pretty exciting.  Fabulousyarn in Tivoli NY.  Pick Up Sticks in Newmarket ON.  Needles in the Hay in Peterborough ON.

7. Delivery to Needles in the Hay means a trip to the BIG CITY of Peterborough.  Movie.  Dinner.  Shopping for all the stuff we can’t get in our town.  Like jeans that fit me.

8. Oh wait.  That’s right. Pants don’t fit me.

9. Thank goodness for shoes!

10.  I may have fallen down and bought these:

I’m imagining subtley coloured, very textured hand knit socks with them. In fact, a whole wardrobe of them.

11. I guess this requires learning how to knit socks that fit…


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