Sometimes…I Finish Stuff

If you’re looking for World Domination….even the allergy-free kind…maybe some yarn, Buffy-inspired or other cool stuff…click those links! It’s OK.  We’ll wait.

Like this:

Stage Door Cardigan/Polworth Silkl

Pattern: Stage Door Cardigan by Glenna C
Yarn: Indigodragonfly DK Polworth Silk in Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain

Pattern available directly from Glenna through Ravelry or on her blog. Pattern and yarn available from us!

Stage Door Cardigan/Polworth Silkl

Glenna designed this for us back in September, and I’m thrilled with it. Although I went full-on rebel on her and didn’t make it with the yarn it was designed for. I know. I’m sure there will be punishment. I made one modification at Glenna’s suggestion: I shortened the pattern repeat length from the hem to the waist. Cause, you know, when the designer is twice your height… 😉

The colour is a Firefly inspired colour. In this case, I dyed the colour first…soft plums and purples strongly overdyed with a medium grey…and then was reminded of the quote. Brains…grey matter…and besides, who DOESN’T want to name something Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain?

New yarn!

(Note the brain-ish texture)

Recommended wearing: Around difficult people.

And then there was this:
Reunion Cowl/merino cashmere

Pattern: Reunion Cowl by Natalie Selles/leeleetea
Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Cashmere in Rachel H’s Tiara

Pattern available directly from Natalie through Ravelry, and as a kit from us! We’re finding that a lot of people are choosing different yarns to make this with…we can help you find one that works for you.

Reunion Cowl/merino cashmere

I decided to make the large size and use a different yarn than the one Natalie redesigned it with for us. Yeah, I know. Totally blindsided you. Couldn’t see THAT coming! My gauge was off by about 1/2 a stitch or so and the cowl ended up being super-huge. Like, “I can live in it” huge. Much larger than intended.

Reunion Cowl/merino cashmere

And I don’t care. It’s big and wrappy and warm and cozy and snuggly and soft and LIGHT. It was a long knit that never seemed to get boring. Caveat: at the time of knitting it, I was looking for something brainless that I could just knit and knit and knit and not really have to think about (other than counting rows once in a while to make sure I wasn’t knitting the Holland Tunnel). I wear it all the time and wrap it in all kinds of ways. A fun fun piece to have in your wardrobe.

Reunion Cowl/merino cashmere

But I think I need to knit a smaller large one too. Just saying.

Recommended wearing: everywhere.

Also, this:
Cassis/MCN Sport

Pattern: Cassis by Thea Coleman/babycocktails
Yarn: Indigodragonfly MCN Sport in Grrr…Arg.

Cassis/MCN Sport

I saw this on Thea when I met her at the Ravelry Rhinebeck party in October. And pretty much stalked her until the pattern was posted. Although I tried dyeing other colours for it, only a deep, dark purple would work. And since we’ve been wanting to name a colour Grrr…Arg. for a while now…and I believe I may have uttered those words while trying to get the colour just right…

Cassis/MCN Sport

The vertical lines of this lace (also echoed in the lower back of the sweater) are very flattering.

Recommended wearing: This is a great layering piece. I wasn’t sure I’d like the shorter sleeves, but I find it to be the perfect layer of warmth in my cold office. Definitely see this as a great 3 season piece as well…taking me from fall through cold winters and into early spring.


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