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Remember the Otis Houndation?  To recap, we’ve put aside $1 from every skein sold since July 2010 AND all money collected to wind yarn into cakes…this is the Otis Houndation.

Well, we wanted to give you an update.  So far, in the past 6 months, we’ve used the money for some sponsorships.  We (and by that, I mean every one of you who has bought yarn since July) sponsored the Ravelry Party at Rhinebeck and the Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands.  We’re sponsoring the upcoming Winter Folk Camp, a weekend folk and roots music retreat (which, if you love to play music and can make the trip, you should seriously consider attending!)

Deep in my heart of hearts, the one thing I was hoping we would be able to do with the Otis Houndation is to help artists when they need it most.  A few weeks ago, Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle‘s studio was broken into, and several pieces of expensive equipment were stolen.  Kathleen is one of our fellow Art Hive members and you may recall that she is the person who made my engagement ring. In her words, it’s “one thing to steal someone’s possessions…it’s another thing to steal their livelihood.”  So we were able to give Kathleen a donation to help her making beautiful things again as quickly as possible.

So I’m sorry to say we had an opportunity to use Otis’s money for the exact purpose it was intended for.  But I’m thrilled to say we were able to help exactly when it was needed.

Thank you all for that.


3 thoughts on “See What You Did?

  1. The Green Socks and I are so proud of you! Way to go indigodragonfly, dragon man, and super fly dog – way to support the community!

    I hope your colleague is up and running again soon! I know if I were her I’d be so grateful to be part of such a great group of artists.

  2. THANK YOU!!
    it was very sad for me when my shop got broken into but the kindness of the people around me really helped me out and this offering from the otis foundation made getting back on my feet again possible. thank you kim and ron and thanks to everyone who buys yarn from them to make the otis foundation possible!!
    much love-k

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