Not Your Average Needle Sharing Program

Yes, many of you think of us as your dealers.  And in that spirit, we’d like to let you know that we’ve become ACTUAL dealers for Dyak Craft needles.  I’ve been using Tom and Linda’s circular needles for about 6 months and LOVE them.  I am now completely spoiled and can’t knit with anything else without feeling like it’s an inferior experience.

Our much anticipated first order arrived on Monday, so go see what we have in stock!

Along with the circulars was a set of the Dyaks’ new interchangeable needles, wrapped up in this handmade roll-up case.

Dyak Craft Needles

Open it up, and there are little pockets for all the needle tips, cords and the stops.

Dyak Craft Needles

All the pockets are labelled. There are only 2 things I’d change about this case: I’d add a little snap or flap to hold the stops in their pocket, and I’d add metric sizes to the needle tip pockets. (I actually did this myself with a thin Sharpie). The fabrics used are great: durable canvas twill for the lining and pockets, subtley patterned cotton for the outside and gross grain ribbon to tie it all together.

But what you really want to know about is the needles, right? Because you’ve been looking for the PERFECT interchangeble set, and you’re wondering if this one is it? Well, here are my thoughts after a week with these needles…

The Needle Tips

The needle tips are longer than most interchangeables. This means more needle in your hand. I have very small hands and didn’t think this would make a big difference. It does. I actually feel like I have more control over my knitting. My hands feel more relaxed, because the needles feel really great in my hands. They’re lighter in weight than other interchangeables I’ve tried. All of this means less hand fatigue.

The tips of the needles themselves are pointy, but not SUPER pointy. They do, however, have an amazingly smooth taper, which makes them ACT super pointy. I’ve compared the tips to the tips of my other wood interchangeables and tried the two side by side. The Dyak needles slide into my stitches more easily and readily.

Dyak Craft Needles

The Screws

These are the screws…

Dyak Craft Needles
Seen here on both the needle tips and the stops

…that screw into the end caps

Dyak Craft Needles

The screws are a little difficult to screw in at first, especially towards the end. No little tool is necessary with this set, but Tom suggests keeping a little piece of rubber sheet (like the kind you use to open jars) on hand to help you screw the tips to the caps. The screws are tight and snug. I’ve knit for about 9 hours with one set and there is no sign of the cap becoming unscrewed. It also helps that the cords are not glued in place to the caps. They swivel, which creates less tension between the needle tip and the cord. Less tension on your hands, and less tension on the screws.

The Join

The caps rest fairly snuggly against the needle tips. There is a tiny gap, but not enough to interfere with your yarn.

Dyak Craft Needles

The yarn travels easily from the cord, across the cap, to the needle and off.

The Cords

I don’t like really stiff cords. I don’t like cords that curl up and never seem to relax. In fact, I like my cords on the soft side. I was afraid I wouldn’t like these cords because they are a little stiff and they were really curled up when they arrived. While they’re still not my absolute favourite, running them under hot water relaxed them nicely. They support the knitting nicely, and I absolutely love that they’re allowed to swivel and pivot in the cap.

Overall, I really like them and think they’re a worthwhile investment. Good tools allow you to stop thinking about the tool itself and to focus on the making. I especially love the fact that these are artisan made and will be very proud to carry them in our shop.


12 thoughts on “Not Your Average Needle Sharing Program

  1. Coloured, laminated-wood needles always make me wish I liked using wooden needles better, but I’ve come to be very fond of uber-slick metal ones. Wood is just not slick enough for me. But I really do love the looks of these guys especially, with the different colour combos available.

      • Well, tell you what. When I find myself with enough disposable income that I feel I can justify buying some gorgeous needles that I may or may not end up using regularly, or I just snap and decide I need them, I will definitely buy them from you. 🙂

  2. I’d already 95% convinced myself to buy the Dyak Craft interchangeables and your review has bumped that up to 100%. Will you be stocking these for sale too? I could order direct from Dyak Craft, but, since I’m in Canada, I much prefer to use a Canadian supplier whenever possible … support your own country’s businesses, especially the non-big-box ones, and all that, plus the added bonus of bypassing all the potential problems that come with international orders. 🙂

  3. Very tempting. I don’t own interchangeables. As I recall the big issue for me was the sizes. I tend to mainly knit with small needles. How small do the tips go in this set? And how many gradations of small? (I don’t do US sizes but recall there are some metric sizes I like that don’t have a US equivalent.)

    Or is that just something we tiny needle/thin yarn types need to recognize we can’t have in interchangeables on account of the screw thing?

  4. Darn, I wish I’d known that you were going to carry Dyak interchangeables. I bought a set from the manufacturer and they have just arrived at the post office. Since I’m in SK, I expect I’ll be hit for a custom charge. In any event, I’ll let you know how I like them. I bought a set of Addi Lace interchangeables and have been disappointed with how short the tips are.

  5. Darn Pretty Needles are my preferred DPNs, and I have gradually collected several sizes for socks. But may I ask what your “very favourite” cables are? After two frustrating experiences with different brands (neither being Tom’s Darn Pretty Needles), I am hoping to find some that are cooked-spaghetti limp.

  6. i want to know what is available for purchase, please i can’t get web site to work for me or it’s just not ready to be bought from yet i want larger sizes of the dp longer needles in the pretty color’s. and set’s of the hook’s too Thanks Liz

  7. I would love to know when these needles are available for sale. Do they come in a kit?
    I am looking for a set of interchangables, and yours are gorgeous AND canadian.
    Please let me know when they become avaiable.
    Thanking you in advance.

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