Happy 30th Buffy!

Today is Buffy’s birthday.  She’s 30.  Huh.  Doesn’t look that way every night at 11 pm…

Anyway, in celebration, we’ve started dyeing some new colours for the Buffy Collection:

I see Drusilla and Willow and Giles and Lorne the Host and Anya and White Willow and Cordelia and…

Pre-orders are still happening! Details here.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, and haven’t received your yarn yet, we’ll be contacting you as soon as this batch is dry to give you some more colour choices! Patterns are almost ready for release…just a few weeks away. But you can see them here:

Gothic Gloves
Midnight Mittens
Nightblooming Mittens


One thought on “Happy 30th Buffy!

  1. Dark.. dark.. dark.. daaaaarrrrkkkk…. RED!

    Love it!

    I’ll probably be making a trip back up to TO in the next couple weeks – any chance any of the LYSes will have Dark.. dark.. dark.. daaaaaarrrrkkk…. RED! yarn in stock by then?

    If not, at least I’ll finally be able to get my Groverkill lace out of storage and on some needles where it belongs!

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