The Otis Houndation

As most of you may know, this is Otis:

Well, at least when he’s not been shorn…

A while back, there was a blog post that had a certain someone in an apron/faux unclothed state. Said nudista was winding skeins into cakes (no, not Otis, although that would be a cute mental image…).

Now, normally we ship the skeins re-wound and twisted into the standard braid-y shape.

This is what we mean by wind-y twisty:

Well, we decided that something of importance to indigodragonfly business-wise is social responsibility; that is, to give back to the community, be it our local community (Haliburton Winter Folk Camp, Arts Council ~ Haliburton Highlands), knitting/arts-related sponsorships (Ravelry Party at Rheinbeck), and other such worthy causes, to the tune of $1 per skein sold.

And so, to further the work of the Houndation (we wanted to call it The Otis Foundation, but that was already taken by another very worthy cause), we’re offering to cake any skeins you buy for $1 each (any skein length!) to add to the kitty (Otis thinks this means something other than what it really means…). When you order, just drop us a quick note & we’ll wind ’em up & tack on the Hound Bucks to yer bill.

Cake = Charity. Not a bad deal.

And besides, would you want to disappoint this face??

Mmmmmm…….Kitty, er, Cake………………


40 thoughts on “The Otis Houndation

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