Contest Result!!


One Dog.

Two Final Names.

Two Milk Bones.

One Winner.

And The Winner Is…..

Good + Plenty During Its Special Womanly Time

Thanks to all who put their minds to work with all the fabulous suggestions, and hey, if it winds up with Otis receiving snacks then two thumbs (paws?) up!


3 thoughts on “Contest Result!!

  1. *scratch head* I see the “womanly time” bit, but how does “Good + Plenty” and black and white go together?

    Btw, any chance you’ll be attending Stitches West this year? It’s almost RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from where I live! (Well, a 15 min car drive – close enough!)

  2. I have to admit that name makes me queasy. I will never be able to look at Good and Plenty the same way again. But I can’t say I look at it often so it’s not really a problem.
    See you on Tues!

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