New Contest: Hello, My Name Is ________________ !!

Okay, so here’s a new colourway:

Assorted variables, being sorta White-ish, Grey-ish, Black-ish and Pink-ish/Reddish.

The Question of The Day: Whatzis Name??

Now normally, colourway naming on Wednesdays is Otis’s responsibility, but he seems to be suffering from lockjaw (although I think it may be a mouthful of steak) and so we’ve made an executive decision.

Starting NOW and concluding at 9 p.m. on Saturday January 8/11, we are asking YOU, dear reader, to come up with a fun, catchy name!!

To the winner, we will give you a skein of the colour in one of the following three bases:

Merino Sock:  100% Superwash Merino 2 ply sock yarn – 390 yds/100g skein

MCN Worsted – merino/cashmere/nylon blend – 200 yards per skein

MCN Lace – merino/cashmere/nylon blend – 575 yards per skein

As well, you’ll have the glory and bragging rights to having your very own colourway hanging out with all the other cool kids & there for all to see!!

Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality. – Emily Dickinson

Name That Yarn. Be Immortal. Be Loved.

Be The Yarn.




59 thoughts on “New Contest: Hello, My Name Is ________________ !!

  1. The Zebra Ate my Baby!

    OK, that’s a terrible name, but I’m still on a yarn diet anyways. Ha! I actually really like Rayna’s idea, except I’d do it Jeopardy style like “Answer: Newspaper” and leave people really scratching their heads. And the people who DO get it will feel super clever.

  2. I know it’s not meant to be a part of your Buffy Collection but it made me think of Spike and thus:

    “”I May Be Love’s Bitch”

    or if it’s not too long….”I May Be Love’s Bitch (But At Least I Am Man Enough To Admit It)”

  3. Zombie Jamboree

    Nothing like that color combination to make me think of brainzzzz
    And, it’s one of my favorites.

  4. What’s Black & White & Red All Over? A Vampire That Spilled His Dinner Down His Dinner Suit.

    Or shorter:
    Bella, Honey, How Do I Get My Dinner Off My Tux?

  5. “Sun-burned zebra.”
    “Penguin with a sun burn.”
    “The pandas must die.” (Anyone else ever heard Corky and the Juice Pigs?)

    Picking up on the newspaper-joke theme, along with the impending death of print journalism:
    “No longer read all over.”
    Or: “Read all over? Not anymore.”

  6. “Washed Up Emo Vamp” or “Washed Up Emo Actor” – I am looking forward to buying some of this colorway; I really love black/red/gray combinations!

  7. I guess after all those brave, bloody offers my instinctive: Ish Ish is quite lame, right?
    but it is what this yarn wants to be for me and it has a meaning for me as ish in Hebrew is a man but in the context of a man and a woman,,, hard to explain,,, oh well.

  8. Panda Road Kill

    What do you call a nun rolling down a hill?

    (Black and white and red allover!) I don’t think nuns are represented well enough in your colourways–just sayin’

    Murdered in the press

    Black Tie Nose Bleed

  9. How about “Your Nasty Red Candy Made My White Teeth Black!”?

    You know, because eating too much candy makes your teeth turn black and fall out (at least, that’s what my mother always told me) and because…well…the yarn is red, white, and black! (The grey is teeth that are halfway to falling out.)

    Of course, “Nasty” could always become “Delicious” or some other word. A positive spin could help with sales… 😉

  10. Hmm, my initial reaction was “Zebra in a blender”.
    But on the newspaper theme, “Fourth Estate” or perhaps “Old News” because it looks like faded print.

  11. I think you’ve already named it…. ” Assorted variables”. But when I look at it typed, I see “ass-orted variables”.

  12. While I really love the nun idea, the colorway immediately made me think of a very bad car accident on a snowy road. So my first idea is Snowcrash (which also could honor the cyberpunk Neil Stephenson novel). Then I came up with Bloody Icecicle, in honor of the perfect murder weapon in a mystery I read once – because it melted away, preventing the murderer from ever being caught.

  13. I believe this is the “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” colourway that we were pontificating on late last year. I think it has been swirling around in your brain and finally came to fruition! But I can’t take all the credit for the name–Sarah (prairieknitter) was the one who originally came up with it–I just love it!

  14. Rorschach Nosebleed

    The Flying Nun

    Bean says

    The Newspaper
    (the punny answer to “What’s black and white and read all over”)

  15. Maybe it’s just the week I’ve been having, but the one that pops into my head is “When Good Librarians Go Bad” or “Books are not made for bludgeoning people.”

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