*Asterisk* Kits Now Available!

Today is December 15:  the day we release the first of the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination patterns as a kit for the general public!

*Asterisk* by Stephannie Roy in Indigodragonfly MCN Lace.  (Stephannie has blogged about her design here.  Go look.  I’ll wait.)

*Asterisk* is a modular, triangular shawlette that knits up very quickly!  Just the perfect layer to cozy around your neck in this cold COLD weather.  I love every tiny detail of this piece, from it’s little belly-button of a beginning, to how the “wings” swoop gracefully out, to the i-cord edging detail.

Here’s a shot of the shawl.

photo ©Stephannie C. Roy

Modeled by the lovely Emma.

photo ©Stephannie C. Roy

The kit is available in a variety of colours, both variagated and semi-solid, for $32.  The kit includes 1 skein of MCN Lace and the pattern.   Scroll down for available colours.

Email indigodragonfly.K AT gmail.com to place all orders.  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario).  For further information, see the bottom of this post.

Available colours:

MCN Lace – merino/cashmere/nylon blend – 575 yards per skein

Moonshadow – 1 Skein Available

Bronx Cheer – 1 Skein Available

Angry Bridesmaid – 1 Skein Available

Babybluejayblanket – 3 Skeins Available

The Great Pumpkin – 2 Skeins Available

Ernie Shirt – 1 Skein Available

Goth To A Flame – 1 Skein Available

I Like To Mauve It Mauve It – 2 Skeins Available

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet – 1 Skein Available

I Gave Her My Heart, And She Gave Me A Pen – 1 Reddish Skein

I Gave Her My Heart, And She Gave Me A Pen – 1 Blue/Grey Skein

Flamingos Are Not Munitions Experts – 1 Skein Available

Yo, Meltin’ – 3 Skeins Available

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pewter! – 1 Skein Available

Spinach Armada – 2 Skeins Available

Hi, I’m Fred. I Like Tacos, ’71 Cabernet. My Favourite Colour Is Magenta. – 1 Skein

To purchase any of the above yarn, please send me an email at indigodragonfly.K AT gmail.com (replace AT with “@”, no spaces) indicating which yarn(s) you would like, where you live and whether you want it shipped surface or air mail. First email request for each yarn/fibre/project bag/pottery secures it. I will send you a paypal invoice for the full amount plus shipping and ship the packages off within 3-5 days. Shipping charges to the US will start at $5.44 for surface mail and $7.70 for air mail. Canada Post doesn’t make shipping charges for Canadian or International packages easy, so I will send you a shipping quote for your order for your approval.

Best attempts are made to photograph colours accurately, however colours do differ from monitor to monitor (I’ve checked). I’ve also described the colours…and hope that helps. Custom orders (including dyeing or overdyeing your own fibre or yarn) are always welcomed! Just email me with what you have in mind.


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