The (unnamed) Buffy Collection

There was going to be an update of MCN Sock and Merino Sock yarn today.  But it appears that there is something a little more pressing…

Pre-sales for THE BUFFY COLLECTION (actual name to be determined…cause you know what happens when you jump to conclusions…)

What is The Buffy Collection?  A series of patterns + yarn based on characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer packaged together for you in a kit that includes:

The Patterns by Glenna C (PDF to be shipped by early February 2011):

‘Oz’ mitts in 1 size – MCN Worsted.

copyright: Glenna C

‘Drusilla’ gloves in 2 sizes – MCN Sport and MCN Sock.

copyright: Glenna C

‘Willow’ mitt and glove options, probably 2 sizes – MCN Sock.
(no preview available yet)

The Yarn:

Oz: Hootenany – Well, It’s Chock Full Of Hoot, Just A Little Bit Of Nanny – MCN Worsted

Drusilla:  When I Bit Into Him, I Could Hear the Ocean – MCN Sport

Willow:  My World is All Askew – MCN Sock

The Buffy Collection: $93 + shipping.  To purchase, choose an option below and click on the appropriate image.

Pre-sale options:

1)  Yarn now, patterns later:  we’re dyeing the yarn now, and will ship it as orders come in.  Patterns will be emailed in PDF form as soon as they are available (by early February 2011)

Live somewhere else?  Email us at for a shipping quote!

2)  Everything at once:  The full kit will be shipped as soon as patterns are available (by early February — yarn by mail; patterns emailed in PDF form)

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