Feel free to fill in the blanks, print this out, and leave it in an obvious place…

Dear Mr./Ms. ____________(insert your name here):

I understand your dear ___________ (wife/husband, mother/father, son/daughter, sister, random acquaintance you saw knitting on the subway this morning, etc.)  has requested goodies from Indigodragonfly ( for ______________ (insert desired occasion.)

Here is her/his list:

  • __________
  • __________
  • more ________
  • oh yeah, and __________
  • all the yarn in the universe

All orders received by December 11 will be shipped on December 13 and should (Canada Post and USPS willing) arrive at all US and Canadian (outside of Ontario) destinations in time for Christmas.  All Ontario orders received by December 16 will ship on December 17 and should arrive in time for Christmas.

If you’re a little late, we will send an electronic card you can print out for _________ so that they have something to open while they stalk your local postal worker.

Electronic gift certificates are also available in any denomination and can be emailed to you right up to Christmas Eve, and redeemed at anytime.

The Indigodragonfly Minions

PS:  Would this be a good time to remind you that the Buffy Collection (yarn + patterns) will be ready in time for Valentine’s Day delivery?  Because nothing says I love you like blood-sucking fiends.


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