How It Starts…

One day a sweet, perfectly innocent dyer dropped a box of yarn off at a yarn store.

Mobbage ensued.

Front and centre in the Mob was a certain person who may be prone to making up stuff to knit. Goth-ish yarn was nabbed.  And within minutes.  MINUTES, I tell you…the sweet & innocent one found herself agreeing to some kind of werewolf-themed yarn?  Huh.  Funny how that happens.

So somehow these colours, along with a skein of something called Not Another Teen Vampire movie,  (really, who makes these names up?) spawned some kind of mini-collection of patterns.  A vampire pattern (gloves).  A werewolf pattern (mitts).  A witch pattern (2 options…maybe we’ll tell you someday.)

OK, in what universe is this NOT a Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection???  (It is possible that said designer sat in my living room for an entire weekend knitting the Oz mitts, in the Oz colourway and trying to convince herself they were not Oz mitts.  If you ever want to treat yourself to an amusing weekend…)

So we’re working on a collection.   That’s not only a collection of patterns…there will be special yarn colours to go with it.  So you’ll be able to get an entire kit of Slayer goodness.

Oz:  Hootenany – Well, It’s Chock Full Of Hoot, Just A Little Bit Of Nanny

Drusilla:  When I Bit Into Him, I Could Taste the Ocean

And Willow:  My World is All Askew

Cause apparently vampire slayer socks weren’t enough.

This is how the crazy happens.


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