Exactly a week ago we moved.  Not far, but definitely a step up.

Guess What?

This is where we live now:

The house!

We’re slowing working our way out of boxes, but so far we love it.

There’s a big living room/dining room/whatever room area in the middle of the house.

The house!

(though the floor is a little slick, which interferes with Otis’s begging action…about 2 seconds after this photo was taken, his hind legs slid backwards. Getting back up turns Otis into one of those “my legs are moving really really fast but I’m not getting anywhere” cartoons)

There’s a place to dye:

The house!

Thanks to 2 wonderful fibre friends, there is a little yarn shop set up…

The house!

…well, partially set up…

The house!

(Consider this end “Shipping Central”…)

The largest bathroom I’ve ever lived with!

The house!

(This is only about 2/3 of it.)

The Knitter’s Bedroom…

The house!

Complete with your own place to store the stash you steal from downstairs…

The house!

And don’t you think this would make a great stash closet? I think it would make an EXCELLENT stash closet…and so far the yarn is making its presence known…

The house!

Yep, I could hang out here for a while.

The house!

And guess what else? The Boy asked me to marry him as his birthday present (though he couldn’t wait till midnight to do it, so was about 10 minutes early.

Some of you have asked to see the ring. First of all it’s important to know that I’m not a sparkly jewellery kind of girl.

the ring!

I like silver coloured metals.

the ring!

I like jewellery that’s artisan made.

the ring!

And LOOKS like it was made by hand.

That shows me something different, everytime I look at it.

the ring!

And the fact that this ring was made by a friend of ours, Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle and came from the Art Hive, one of our favourite places here in Haliburton, makes it just that much more special.

the ring!


30 thoughts on “Settled.

  1. Congratulations, Kim, I am so happy for you!

    Best wishes,

    P.S. I moved north also – I’ve been in Barrie for about a month now and loving it so far.

  2. Wow, congratulations! LOVE the ring! Love the house too, esp the built-in fibre shop and the Knitter’s Room! Will you be running a knitterly B&B? 😀

  3. The place is awesome. Time for me to book a visit 😉

    And the ring. Perfect. Exactly the kind of thing I would want. Congratumalations!

  4. Kim, how exciting – everything! Congratulations – love your new abode, just adore the ring… and how sweet that he gave you to him for his birthday present!

  5. Kim, that is all SO wonderful! May you know more joy than sorrow in this new home. Mazal tov on the engagement as well! Please consider yourself virtually gifted with bread and salt for your new home. (An old Jewish tradition.)

    BTW, the yarn arrived and it is even better in person than on the screen. I have been sharing my yarn pron with all my knitting friends and singing your praises. Reviews have been universally positive. I hope it translates into business for you.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! (In loud, sing-song voice accompanied by big hugs). The pictures looks beautiful – what a wonderful space to share this stage of your lives in – I love all the light. Your ring seems totally “you” and is perfect!!! Blessings to you three. . . .

  7. I squeed a little…ok a lot. Love the house. Love the ring. Love you! So happy for the wonderful things that are happening in your life right now!!!

  8. Congratulations on the many wonderful things that are happening! Much happiness and love in your new home and life together!

  9. Woohoo! Congratulation on both the house and the engagement. The house looks awesome and that ring is fabulous! (I’m not a sparkly jewellery type of girl either).

  10. Congratulations on the house and the engagement! The ring is really beautiful, and isn’t it awesome when guys refuse to bow to societal pressure to buy you a big expensive rock, and instead get something they know you’ll like?

  11. Congratulations to you, Ron and Otis for the wonderful new home and the wonderful news of your upcoming nuptials…keep living your dreams Kim! Beautiful house and a big enough backyard to host a great wedding and party when you are both ready. Hugs to you and Ron, and I have a feeling this happy home and new chapter in your life will ultimately reveal itself in even more beautiful yarns from you.

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