Random Thanksgiving Monday post

1.  Places for People is up to #20!  This means 35% off all yarn and fibre now (with the exception of Merino Silk DK yarn).

2.  We’re slowly moving things over to the Etsy shop.  The Available Yarn page on the blog has all our available stock updated, so use that as your reference point.   If you order by email, we’ll take the 35% off directly from your invoice.  If you order from Etsy, we’ll refund the 35% back to you through paypal.   Thanks for your patience through this transition.


4.  My passport has been packed for 3 weeks.  I’m paranoid about forgetting it.  Most of the rest of my bag has been packed all weekend.

5.  We’re getting Club packages ready to ship.  We’re early this month!  You can start stalking your postal workers….right…..NOW.

6.  I am in bad need of a haircut.  Just saying.

7.  We move in 2 weeks!

8.  Oh god…I need to start packing…


2 thoughts on “Random Thanksgiving Monday post

  1. Oooh, what an amazing sale. I think I need to take advantage! I need machine-washable DK or heavier yarn for a baby blanket (in baby blanket quantities.) Is your DK merino machine washable, by any chance?

    Ooh, now I see the DK Superwash. That might be the stuff for me. Unless you have more Superwash worsted than just the two marshy skeins?

    Is your MCN Worsted machine washable? Doesn’t say on the Rav page.

    Off to vote again for Places for People!

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