Important Executive Decision!


To keep you all in the loop, over the next while Indigodragonfly will be moving its inventory over to our new Etsy shop:

This move is to expand our client base, and to see if this will be an easier, faster method of putting stock up on line. And, to let our Inner Computer Geeks run amuck & get a little exercise in the process…

Also note, we are finding that the delivery cost parameters for shipments from the Etsy site are not the most flexible, so if a purchase is done on Etsy and we’re finding the delivery cost is more than normal, we will make every effort to refund the difference.

Technology: Gettin’ Wit’ It!


One thought on “Important Executive Decision!

  1. I completely understand why you would want to transition to Etsy for expansion reasons Kim; however, all the prices are now in US funds, which for constant purchasers like moi, is going to mean more mula off the $ tree.
    Also means that I’m at the mercy of conversion upcharges at bank source to paypal.
    You are worth it; just pointing out that it may mean I now take more trips down to Lettuce Knit than the etsy site.

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