Enter Stage Left…

Over the past few months, I’ve had several designers wanting to design with my yarn.  I’m pretty excited about this…and you can expect to see a number of patterns roll out over the NEXT few months that feature indigodragonfly yarn.

And then there is Glenna.

I am Glenna’s Dye Bitch.

Glenna says, “Dye.”  I say, “How much?  What colour?  When exactly do you want it?  Do I get to sleep at any time?” And Glenna says, “So I also have ideas for eleventy-kazillion other patterns…can you get on the yarn for that?”

But at least the relationship is reciprocal.  So when I asked Glenna a few months ago if she would design a cardigan knit with my yarn in time for the Knitters Fair in Kitchener, the crazy woman said yes.  You see, Glenna and I are the Mutt and Jeff of the knitting world.  She is tall and slim.  I am…not.  We both complain bitterly about not being able to find shoes that fit.  Me, because I have size 5 feet…Glenna, because 2 of my feet stacked end to end would fit inside one of her socks.  Glenna:  dark curly hair I would die for…me, poker straight, short and mousy (before I spend some quality time with a head full of henna).   Anyway, you get the picture.  Finding a style of sweater that will work on both of us?  Not very likely.

Enter the Stage Door Cardigan.

Sept10-StageDoor4photo: © 2010 by Glenna C

I think Glenna’s really outdone herself.  Clean, simple lines.  A little shape.  A style that works on a variety of shapes and sizes.  A pattern that’s easily adjustable.  Really, I couldn’t have asked for more.

(Except maybe to have the sample knit in my size…damn…THAT was an oversight!)

Glenna and I often tweet through Glee.  So when I was watching a re-run while the yarn was sitting in front of me, waiting to be packed up and mailed off…and this exchange came on:

Kurt’s Dad:  Feeling kind of blue?
Kurt: I am full of ennui <dramatic sigh>

…the name of the colour was born:  I am Full of Ennui <dramatic sigh>

Pattern availability: Right now you can get the pattern from us at indigodragonfly in either hard copy or PDF form.  Just email us to place the order and we’ll get right back to you with an invoice and the pattern.  It is also available on Ravelry and from Patternfish.

The yarn:

The yarn is a new base with very generous yardage.  Merino Silk DK, 50% merino/50% silk, 550 yds per 250 g.  Because of the size of the skeins, we’re also willing to sell 1/2 skeins so that you don’t end up with WAY too much yarn left over.  (though I’ve knit a hat and a small pair of fingerless mitts from a 1/2 skein, so maybe you DO want leftover yarn!)

Yarn amounts needed for the pattern:

Size 33 – 2 skeins; 37 – 2.5 skeins; 41 – 3 skeins; 45 – 3.5 skeins; 49 – 4 skeins)

We have a limited number of colours available at the moment.  If you don’t see something you like here, or you need more skeins, we’ll take custom orders for delivery in late October/early November.  (More of this base is on its way to us as we speak)

Merino Silk DK – Merino Silk DK, 50% merino/50% silk, 550 yds per 250 g.
$55 per skein; $29 per half-skein  — we will break up skeins if needed.
**This yarn and the pattern are not included in this month’s discount, as they are brand new to our customers**

The first 3 lots will make up to size 41

One Turtle Short Of A Pond

3 skeins available

I Am Not A Shrimp

3 skeins available

One Dragonfly Ripple For The Frog

3 skeins available

This will make size 33:

Prospector Pete Strikes It Rich!

2 skeins available

These are the remaining skeins:

Eccentrifical Force


Who Melted the Crayons?


1 skein available


1 half-skein available


4 thoughts on “Enter Stage Left…

  1. Love. It.

    Love. Both the sweater and the yarn. I hope we’ll see more yarn in the Ennui colorway, too.

    A minor nit to pick: isn’t the Glee character’s name Kurt, not Kirk?

    In other yarn name news, I just figured out one of your names. Am pounding through season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I’d never seen a single episode of the show as of three weeks ago.) Wonder if there are Buffy yarn names other than “Hootenanny…” that I’ll discover as I go.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous sweater. And I’m happy to learn that you like Glee too. I loved it when Brittany said “When I hurt my knee I went to a misogynist.” and “People thought I went on vacation in the summer, but really I was lost in the sewer.”

  3. Prospector Pete and the fellow Gleeks…Kim, OMG you and Glenna have done a fab job on the cardi and yarn. It’s great to see you’re heading in this direction/designs for your yarns. I’m loving that Prospector Pete yarn which is a slide to the left of your shades for me, eh? But I see the grey-blues and just swoon! However, I’m no tiny gal and require the 3 skeins to get this going. So, you let me know when you get more of this in and I’ll get 3 skeins of PPete! BTW..Lily above is correct; it’s Kurt. Enjoy your day as much as I enjoy your creative fires!

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