Places For People: A Kind Update

On September 21, we had a post on Places For People, the Haliburton home building and refurbishing project, and their pursuit of a $100K Pepsi Refresh grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project.

At the time, we were offering a 10% discount on all yarn sales (up to a maximum of 40% off) for every two places the initiative moved up in the rankings. We encouraged YOU to all vote once per day per email address. On September 21, Places For People was sitting in 27th place.

In just one day, Places For People jumped from 27th to 24th place, and so we announced a happy 15% discount for this move up.

Well, guess what?

As of noon today, September 26, Places For People has found itself nesting comfortably in 22nd place, a jump of another two spots, and five spots up in just five short days!

So what does this all mean?

To us, it says you all deserve a big Thank Ye! for putting your email addresses to good use instead of the usual, boring, day-to-day memos, office diatribes & YouTube download forwardings, and you have voted, and voted well.

And so, until the next move in the rankings, Indigodragonfly is proud to announce that all our yarns are now on sale at 25% off!!!

Yarn: Keeping People Warm in More Ways Than One!

The Pepsi Refresh Project continues until October 31, so make sure you VOTE every day! After all, is the boss really gonna give you grief for going on line for a good cause?? If they do, throw this in their sad face:

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – 4th C. BC Philosopher Lao Tzu

Thank You.


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