On Being Otis and An Update on Places For People

Yes, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. We’re taking a break from the usual Thursday yarn update this week as too much went down the pipe to dye, so this will have to suffice.

I’ll let Otis and his many guises speak for us…

1. Need Coffee. Stat.

2. In Honour Of Queen Elizabeth II’s 3-D Visit To Canada

3. The Look Of Surgery, or, The Painkillers Better Be Good

Okay, here’s the (poop) scoop…

Yesterday, Otis had to go in for Emergency Surgery to repair a mouth laceration (ow ow ow ow ow…). Please note the beautiful Afghan shave job…

Down a pint of blood and rather groggy, Otis came through with flying colours, minus a few teeth, a sizable cyst, all for the equivalent of almost a month’s pay in vet fees. So it’ll be Kraft Dinner time for a few months, but Otis is okay and that’s what’s important. Otis, Kim & I thank all of you for your kind words and actions ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yes, did I mention the landlord issues? (Insert Venting Here)

Now, back to an infinitely more positive vein…

Since the Sept. 21 post on Places For People$100K Pepsi Refresh grant, the Haliburton home building and refurbishing initiative has jumped from 27th in voting to 24th (Knitters Rock!)! Since the deal was to have a yarn sale of 10% off for every 2 spot jump (up to a maximum of 40% off), we are pleased to announce all Indigodragonfly yarns are now 15% off!! Keep in mind, though, that this is is a floating percentage and if the Places For People initiative drops, so goes the discount rate, so the question goes something like this: Do You Feel Lucky?, Well Do Ya? And remember, you can vote once a day per email address, so the more you vote, the better chance the sale will continue. So put down those needles (hey, you, you over there, PUT. THEM. DOWN.) and VOTE!!!

Social Conscience ย = Community Responsibility = Good Will.

Worth far more than any dollar amount.


One thought on “On Being Otis and An Update on Places For People

  1. Glad to hear Otis came through surgery okay…funny pics btw!
    What a great thing you are doing for Places for People…as soon as I read your blog yesterday I jumped on and cast my vote.
    Was down at Lettuce on Saturday and Denny and I were “talking aboutcha” how you are such a strong supporter of so many people…you are truly awesome my creative friend and I’m sorry I missed you (by half hour said D) and here I had in my bag a Vancouver Melt sock to brag about! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now if you could only get your landlord to saunter up to the humanity table long enough to get a pint of compassion (for whatever you’re dealing with!lol) we’ll all be happy.
    Thanks so much for the discount…I will of course take you up on that Kim, and I am so happy proud to belong to a craft that really does have heart!
    Knitters are AWESOME!

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